Dear Readers,

My name is Connie Dello Buono, mother of two young adults in college in the bay area and an aunt to 7 nieces/nephews in the Philippines who are in college. As a health blogger, I have been connecting with more people and wish to connect more by helping them in the areas of health, using a mobile app ( CareMe ) and an internet site ( ) .

I founded Motherhealth with the intent to help people with health related issues in in home health, health research, providing jobs to students and mothers as caregivers/future health providers, helping doctors find resources and support groups for their clients and providing health tools available in the internet or soon to be created.

I would like to gather ideas from you and your help on this mobile health application serving all generations with chronic disease find help, caregivers, connect with doctors via video, internet appointment booking, curated health app and more.

My motivation in doing this interaction/questionnaire-survey with you all is to retire my 80 yr old mother who still works in a care home taking care of Alzheimer’s clients and also to help me with retirement and college scholarship funds for children globally. In a greater scale, I wish to participate in creating a standard of care for seniors and those with chronic disease, doctor video mobile app, chronic disease management and helping families who are caring for their parents and their own health by being proactive with curated health info.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I am passionate about health. I also own a caregiving business and because of the nature of the business with many agencies and competition, I wanted to employ your time to email me points you want to make based on the following suggested topics to build a better mobile health app (could be greater than Apple’s CAREKIT).

Mobile health app for seniors, doctors,caregivers,sandwich generation,Alzheimer’s,Parkinson and curated health app to help reduce the burden for families with chronic disease (Parkinson,diabetes,Alzheimer’s,stroke,others)

How can we help reduce your burden in areas of health monitoring, caring for your parents with chronic disease?

We’d like your ideas on what you expect when you use our mobile health application.

The way I will collect ideas is by reading from your email. So send me an email , , of what you think will help you in using a mobile health app that is not addressed by the current mobile app in the market.

I will organize your ideas and you are welcome to ask a favor from me or be a partner/collaborator in this mobile app as I cannot do this by myself.

Please elaborate:

What exactly you like about hiring a caregiver for your parents with chronic disease, alzheimer’s , etc?

Are the personnel helpful in areas of knowledge about the chronic disease, caregiving needs?

Is the service fast , 24-hr response, or is speed important in this area?

Are they made to feel special?

Is the product easy to use?

What will attract you about the mobile health app?

Write other questions which are important and dear to your heart.

For a global healthy people, connected and aware,

Connie Dello Buono