Nursing Home Residents Rights

Know Your Rights as a Resident in a Nursing Home

The Licensing and Certification Program provides a packet of material designed to assist you in understanding Nursing Home Residents’ Rights.  To view the various portions of the packet, select the links below.

Glossary – Health Facilities Consumer Information System

Here are a list of names and terms used on this website specific to Health Facilities Consumer Information System (HFCIS).

In a nursing home or facilities for the developmentally disabled, the administrator is a person licensed as a nursing home administrator; in other healthcare settings, the administrator is a person appointed the responsibility for overseeing the services, functions and operations.
The person, persons, firm, partnership, association, corporation, political subdivision of the State, or other governmental agency to whom a license has been issued to operate a health facility or agency.
A person who is receiving services from an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled.
Any person that files a complaint about an alleged violation of applicable requirements or noncompliance with Federal and/or State laws and regulations.
Staff in the Licensing and Certification Program Professional Consultants who provide Medical, Medical Record, Nutrition, Pharmacy, and Occupational Therapy consultation services.
Staff in the Licensing and Certification Program that are trained to conduct complaint investigations, inspections and surveys.
Any allegation that is part of a complaint, that did occur, and was verified by evidence. An allegation is considered substantiated based on the finding about the individual or specified situation named by the complainant.
Substantiated Allegation with No Regulatory Violation
Substantiated allegations that do not constitute a violation of laws or regulations enforced by L&C. These allegations may be forwarded to another agency for investigation if appropriate.
Any allegation where evidence cannot support that the allegation did occur. Unsubstantiated allegations can be due to the allegation not occurring or lack of sufficient evidence to support the allegation.
Substantiated allegations for violations of Federal and/or State laws or regulations receive deficiencies that cite the violations of noncompliance.
Entity Reported Event
Federal term for an official notification to L&C from a self-reporting facility or healthcare provider (i.e., the administrator or authorized official for the provider).
Immediate Jeopardy
A situation where the noncompliance with Federal laws and regulations has caused or is likely to cause serious injury, harm, impairment, or death to residents, patients or clients.
Immediate and Serious Threat
A situation or complaint where the noncompliance with State laws and regulations has a threat of imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm.
A person under medical treatment in a health care facility, provider or agency.
A person who is receiving skilled nursing services and resides in a nursing home. (Patient, resident, client are often used interchangeably)
Substandard Quality of Care
Noncompliance with Federal laws and regulations for nursing home residents that present as immediate jeopardy or harm to resident health or safety.
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