In Silicon Valley, we work more than two jobs. I am calling all workers to band to help each other get all the work hours we need to live in the valley.

In the caregiving industry, at times we only work 4hrs so Motherhealth will ensure to connect with other agencies and care home owners/facilities who might need caregivers.

Dear Home health agency,

We would like to invite you to partner with us, Motherhealth, in our new app to match caregivers/providers with clients, allow video and appointment set with doctors, and have curated health tools that will help the community manage chronic disease and wellness.

In England, they have the PUB located within a community and a residence of the owner. Each one in the community update each other about what is going on and help each other while playing balls, having dinner or drinking light alcoholic beverage.

In the valley, we help caregivers and care home owners by word of mouth when they need a reliever, gardener, housekeeper, driver, cook or part time caregiver.

Please email me for collaboration at

For health and wellness,