What is the meaning of "Community Aged Care Packages" (CACPs)? by Connie b. Dellobuono

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

In Australia:
CACP, EACH and EACH Dementia Statistics Online
Aged care packages in the community 2007-08: a statistical overview presents key statistics on the provision of:
•Community Aged Care Packages (CACP), which provide support service for older people with complex care needs living at home who would otherwise be eligible for admission to low-level residential aged care
•Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) packages, which aims to deliver care at home that is equivalent to high-level residential aged care, and
•Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) Dementia packages, which are EACH packages for people who experience behaviours of concern and psychological symptoms associated with dementia. The first EACH Dementia packages were implemented in March 2006.
In the USA, based on your income you can ask Dept of Social Services for in home care.
It is usually out of pocket cost that you pay your own private in home care (caregivers) in the USA at rate of $250 or more for 24hr care. Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you need an in home health caregiver in the bay area or USA.

What is the meaning of "Community Aged Care Packages" (CACPs)?