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Motivation is key in fitness

In group fitness and having a fitness coach, we are motivated to reach our fitness goals. What is your fitness goal. My GF last night had so many questions about her statins, mucle aches, diet, weight loss goals and more. In chatting with her, I was able to share my experience and research by others. So reach out to a health coach, fitness coach or a wellness buddy.

Free health coach

I give free health coaching in the bay area in return for:
-trying out NC.FIT for a month, 30-min of cross-fit workout with fitness coach 11:30am and 4:30am in the gym (mention Connie Dello Buono when joining) ; applicable to other gyms
– phone health coaching with me
– complete survey on Mobile Health Outpatient application (in development) , email for survey copy

Gym with gym coach free in group setting

Fitness goal: I vow to do a 30-min cross fit workout every day so I joined and I completed my first 30min cross fit with coaches, Alex, Brandon and Kory.  I invite you to join, do mention my name. It is worth it, you get your energy back and at NC Fit you always have a coach (in team setting) to help you optimize the correct way of exercising at NC FIT in California  –>

4 rounds of 1min runs, squat and crunch and here are the results

1 min runs: 11,12,12,11

1 min squat: 13,16,16,17 (Legs wide and outward)

1 min crunch: 9,9,9,9

And I started and warmed up with rowing and bike. You can do it too. I also will avoid overripe bananas and other fruits and consume more citrus.