Why the list of drug pushers and users? To justify killing. If the President of the Philippines, Dutarte, allowed the killing of many poor fathers and mothers who have sniffed the drugs and are not drug pushers, what is the end result? Many orphans and poor families without a mother or father, just because their parents use drugs occasionally. Similar to the American politicians, citizens and college students sniffing MJ, LSD or other recreational drugs.

Is the war against drug the real solution to the economic condition of the Philippines?

Are drug pushers jobless Filipinos supporting a big family?

Why are some drug pushers without any shoes and wearing dirty clothes?

Is the job of drug pushing a disease of the poor attributed to lack of jobs?

Are the Catholic spiritual Filipinos approving of mass killings of drug pushers?

What job promotion programs did the government prepared this year?

How can the government promote a 2-child policy per family, family planning measures?

How can the people help the government promote economic equality?

What overhaul or changes in education can help prepare Filipino college graduates?

What vocational skills, computer skills can help the Philippine economy?

How can we promote higher wages to our nurses and teachers?

How can the government assure the Filipino migrant workers (number 1 dollar earners of the country) that the economy, education and health of the people are being taken cared of?

Facts in 2012: Venezuela murder rate soars: Venezuela, the most violent country in South America, recorded a new high of 21,692 murders this year along with a surge in kidnappings, prison riots and random shootings.

Will the Philippines be like Venezuela in 2012?