How to approach teaching someone about life with your condition

If we as patients can start thinking of ourselves as teachers, we can impact others in areas of health promotion. Do share your stories and challenges and together we can win in the battle of various health challenges.


Let us also learn from the healthy and those who want to follow the path of health with ease and quality of life.

From rich or poor, we can learn from each other.

We do not have to spend so much money to be healthy.

We can share our experiences and help promote wellness in many ways.

There is health wisdom in each of us.

Let us call all doctors and health insurance companies to join in our goal of learning health from each other, from our health condition and experience.


Our first set of activities:

1. Share your stories, medications that work, complimentary/alternative medicine that helped and doctors that are excellent in their service.

2. What do you want your health insurance companies should change in their policies and programs?

3. How to maintain health cost effectively?