• Calorie In/Calorie out: How to reduce your servings?

Decide for 1, 2, or 3 meals per day of your favorite happy healthy foods.  Chew your food slowly. Cut your usual serving to half.  When waking up, chew a protein rich food (1 tsp of peanut butter or  1 soft boiled egg or your fav breakfast cut in half). And if you have a digestive enzyme capsule or acidophilus capsule, it is best to take these in the morn and your calcium with magnesium and Vit C in the evening.
Eat only when hungry.   Have a weight loss goal.

  • Do I need a specific exercise?

It depends on your lifestyle. Try to walk at least a mile a day.

  • What to do in between meals?

You need a healthy sugar. Drink about 3 to 5 tablespoon of fresh squeeze orange juice or similar substitute. Use maple syrup to sweeten a home made lemon juice. Eat any sugary food -half your usual serving (healthy dessert like apples) 30 min after the meal. During the first 6 weeks, no snacking and eat your snack (not over ripe plum or apple or few walnuts/avocado slice) 30min after your meal.

  • What if I need a coach? Email motherhealth@gmail.com , donation only