What's a good analogy to explain the immune system? by Connie b. Dellobuono

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

System Analogy Someone who's trying to rob a bank. Like pathogen.
Organs Analogy, tonsils interacts with lymphocytes. Like pathogen. , adenoid = interact with pathogens ; the door of the bank building.
Thymus Analogy = interact with Pathogens, lymph fluids, lymphocytes. : security camera.
Cells and Cells parts Antigen and Pathogen ; Analogy: The robber.
Phagocytes interact with White blood cells, capillary walls ; Analogy: the volt on the bank.
lymphocytes interact with Lymph vessels, lymph fluids , pathogens and antigens .
B cells interact with Antibodies, proteins.
Cytotoxic cells interact with Pathogens, body cells ; Analogy: security guard.
Suppressor T cells Memory cells interact with Pathogens, T and B cells ; Analogy: Shut down of Fire in the bank and electricity.
Memory cells ; Analogy: Increasing security at the bank after a robbery.
Antibodies Pathogens, phagocytes Same as adenoid, interact with pathogens.
Interact with lymphocytes. interact with Pathogens, immune system ; Analogy: police officers
Analogy Lymph vessels interact with Pathogens, lymph fluids, lymphocytes: air conditioner or ventilation system.
Antibodies; Analogy: reinforcement of police officers.
Acidophilus and digestive enzymes ; Weeds out destructive bugs in the intestines, preventing entry into the brain

What's a good analogy to explain the immune system?