Why does urine smell burnt? by Connie 

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Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Did you eat asparagus (healthy sulfur rich veggie)?
Acetaldehyde: Smell of roasted nuts or dried out straw.
Amyl-acetate: Sweet or Smell of “fake” candy banana flavoring
Brettanomyces: Smell of barnyards, fecal and gamey horse aromas
Diacetyl : Smell of rancid butter
Ethyl acetate : Smell of vinegar, paint thinner and nail polish remover
Hydrogen sulfide: Smell of rotten eggs or garlic that has gone bad
Iodine: Smell of moldy grapes
Lactic acid bacteria: Smell of sauerkraut
Mercaptans: Smell of burnt rubber and/or cooked cabbage
Sorbic acid plus lactic acid bacteria: Smell of crushed geranium leaves
Sulfur dioxide: Smell of burnt matches.

Why does urine smell burnt?