Neem leaves, rosemary and lavender contain natural insecticidal properties and act as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. These herbs together with aroma therapeutic ingredients such as tea tree oil and rose geranium have the ability to eliminate external parasites including pubic lice and prevent re-infestation.


Cnidium monnieri seed is a Chinese herb which can treat scabies.

Coconut oil and lemongrass: Mix lemongrass with pure cold-pressed coconut oil to apply as a liniment.

Lemon thyme has antiseptic properties which makes it a useful mouthwash and cleansing wash for the skin. It will destroy fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and skin parasites such as scabies, crabs and lice. Make a tea by steeping crushed thyme leaves in hot water for 20 minutes then straining and using as a wash.

Neem leaves: Apply neem paste to the affected areas. Neem leaves contains over 100 potent bio-active ingredients, which can relieve the blisters and itchy bumps associated with scabies. Add 3 large handfuls of neem leaves to 1 pint of water in a blender until the mixture turns into a paste. Add more water or leaves, if necessary. Massage the mixture into the affected areas (include surrounding areas), and leave on for one hour. Without using soap, rinse off and pat dry.

Tamanu oil: Apply and massage tamanu oil to the affected areas for one 30 minutes. Tamanu oil possesses potent anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, making it effective on scabies and other skin conditions. It can help reduce the intense itching associated with scabies.

Tea tree oil: Massage and leave tea tree oil on affected areas for 30 minutes. Tea tree oil helps reduce bumps while healing inflammation and redness. It also contains terpineol, which helps prevent infections caused by scratching.

Turmeric: Make a paste with 10 tablespoons of turmeric powder, 227 g (8oz) flour and 284 ml (1/2 pint) of milk stirred together. Apply this mixture to affected areas for 30 minutes, then wash off afterwards.

To prevent a re-infestation of scabies. Thoroughly wash all personal items, including bedding, clothing and towels in hot water. Spray the inside of shoes, drawers and cupboards with apple cider vinegar. The high acidity will kill the scabies mites and their eggs, while eliminating any bad odour.

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In the Philippines, I remembered that my grandma wet the cloth with kerosene gas and wrapped our head with this it.  All the lice died from this wet cloth application. For exzema, she burned the yolk of the egg and made a paste from it and washed my skin with water from boiled guava leaves (comfrey leaves in N America is the equivalent herb). Eat sulfur-rich foods for your skin, Vit C, A and E. Avoid sugar, fatty fried and unnatal foods (except whole foods such as walnuts,coconut,avocado). Boost your immune system by avoiding stress, getting a massage/sufficient sleep and avoidance of toxins (water, air and food-such as molds).