care plan

Care plans are required from each doctor, nurses or care provider.  The best scenario in the future is to be able to access care plans and patient generated health data across all organizations (to various institutions, providers and family members).

We are seeking partners and developers for our upcoming Health Mobile Outpatient application which will integrate all patient generated health data and doctor’s data in one place and shared to other care providers for continuity of care.  Email if you are interested as investing partner, developer, marketer or doctor.

As consumers find value in access to various specialists without the need to wait for two big hospitals to join in one building or organization, mobile health applications can serve the consumers in more proactive and integrated way.

How do we define value at Motherhealth – Health Mobile Outpatient application

Email if you want to participate as investor, partner, doctor, provider in the following elements of care resourcing using a health mobile application.

Consumer loyalty, consumer model, CMS quality measures, 5-star rating, outcome expectation is greater for the consumer

  • Cost/price: Deductibles and co-pay
  • Quality: Third party rating, CMS quality
  • Access in service:
  • Service: going after fitness center and not the ER of a hospital
  • Comprehensive set of services across regions: Referral – how – design of care – convenient – connect with current and alternative care providers
  • OBAMACARE – integrated and coordinated care
  • Patients want care providers to be seen as comprehensive, coordinated,  connected and with one single point of contact
  •  Patients wants to be seen across their lifetime and to continue their current lifestyle (access to gyms, chiropractors,etc)
  • Coordination of care: electronic single medical record, many sites, many providers, connected
  • Cancer partners and other health providers compliment each other.
  • Patient wants choices, efficiency and simplicity of care
  • Differentiator: stay home when they can and only use the hospital when necessary ;Chronic disease mgt keeping patients at home
  • Focus groups in the community: define choices in providers and identify care plan with doctors
  • Consumer wants information to make an actionable decision that is integrated and wholistic.
  • Strive to ask what the consumer wants
  • Expand to other providers based on customer base (OB/GYN,neurosurgeon, cancer care,etc)
  • Home care service– trusted partner with hospitals who have the facility for higher level of care (infusion,etc)
  • Electronic health record: myhealth – schedule appointments,track meds,
  • Use Navigator system, EHR, mobile health app and other tools as they are introduced in the market
  • Reporting analytics to have an impact in the global health management and sharing of health data to reduce chronic care costs and save lives