My answer to How often do women die giving birth?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Where there is no medical care and in countries where there is war, famine and pestilence.
After the war, when laboring women cared for in the hospital beside dead bodies without using gloves (septicemia).
When young drug addicted women failed to get prenatal and proper medical care.
When infection sets in and was too late to get medical care.
When the laboring woman is on her 5th pregnancy with poor health condition and poor prenatal care.
When the fetus is not completely formed and complications arise during pregnancy and birth.
Medical error during C-section (anesthesia, surgery related)
During ectopic pregnancies, fetus formed outside the womb.
And many more cases in the developing and war torn countries where maternal mortality is high. See WHO health statistics.

How often do women die giving birth?