My answer to What are the best ways to grow a high volume of grey matter in my brain?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Exercise, training your body to learn new movement, exposing your body in the sun (before 10am and after 3pm) with sunscreen, avoiding toxins such as molds, omega 3, fish (wild and not farm), sulfur rich foods (garlic), avocado/walnut/coconut (good fats), massage,sleep,nurturing,pickled veggies (probiotics),avoidance of medications/OTC or prescribed,avoidance of too much alcohol/cigarettes,avoidance of caffeine(more than one cup in the morn only),green tea,parsley,cilantro,red colored veggies and fruits (not overripe),avoidance of toxic fumes/formaldehyde,avoidance of plastics/Endocrine disrupting substances and more.

If I am pregnant and wanted my baby to have high IQ, I will seek care of a midwife,breastfed,massage baby,sleep with them,talk with them in positive ways (not saying NO all the time),nurture them and expose them to environment conducive to learning new things,music and be street smart.

If I am on my 50s, I will love more, be forgiving,get massage every week,nature walks,eat whole foods, do cross fit, learn new dance steps,learn new skills,read more,stay away from toxins such as drugs,alcohol,cigarettes and do cross fit training (strength training).

If I am a teenager, I will not be a vegan but eat whole foods, fish, eggs and hormone free food products, natural form , wild and not farmed, avoiding plastics, sleep well,surround myself wit positive people and influences, learn new skills and travel to see other cultures and learn from them.

What are the best ways to grow a high volume of grey matter in my brain?