Blue bions – high energy whole foods kills T-bacilli cancer cells

Orgone Experiments

The new observations with a superior microscope also validate the orgone experiments of Wilhelm Reich who described similar microbial processes in the 1940’s (The Cancer Biopathy. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY, 1973). He accepted only ‘terminal’ cancer patients and treatment was free. Commonly pain diminished, blood and weight improved, and tumours shrank or disappeared. Despite this, the patients died. From this he concluded that tumours are not an important part of the disease.

Reich’s work was so threatening to the medical establishment that all of Reich’s published books were burned and equipment destroyed under FDA supervision. Because he maintained that a court was not a proper place to discuss a scientific theory, he died 1957 in an US jail (


His most important achievement, which I regard as the greatest scientific discovery of the last century, was the bion as the basic unit of biological life. He found that every kind of food and vegetable matter when heated to incandescence and then dropped into a sterile nutrient solution evolved into round moving or pulsating bions that appeared blue in dark-field or when viewed with a fluorescent microscope. Reich sacrificed fine structure details and observed mainly at 3000 – 5000x in order to better see colour and movements.

Higher the vitality of the entity – blue Bions

The stronger the blue colour, the higher the vitality of the entity. Under these conditions healthy erythrocytes have a blue appearance while dead ones are black. According to Reich this blue glimmer is the characteristic of bio-energy or life-force which he called orgone. It is present not only in all living matter but also in water and air. Orgone originates in the sun and is transmitted by sunlight. Bions, the biological units of orgone, may gradually aggregate and evolve into amoeba-like or protozoan structures.

Degenerating proteins as T-bacilli

Reich described another formation derived from degenerating proteins as T-bacilli, which stands for the German ‘Todes Bacilli’ or ‘death bacilli’. These can easily be cultivated from cancer tissue, the blood of patients with cancer or precancerous conditions, and also from degenerating blood. Injected in high doses they can kill mice within 24 hours, in lower doses they produce cancerous growths. They are black, lancet shaped and of similar size as described by Olbrich.

Blue bions paralysed and killed the black T-bacilli

Also interesting is the observation that the blue bions paralysed and killed the black T-bacilli and even the much bigger proteus bacilli. In the same way strongly blue erythrocytes killed T-cells and pathogenic bacteria, but thereby the erythrocytes lost some of their blue colour, indicating that their vitality diminished in the process.

When strongly charged red blood cells entered a tumour, cancer tissue started to disintegrate into non-motile T-bodies. But in addition also the red blood cells disappeared and only T-bodies remained visible. The tumour developed large cavities which filled up with T-bodies. Macroscopically the originally blood-red cavities turned into a rust brown colour from the disintegrating tumour and blood cells.


Reich observed that weak erythrocytes could be charged to become strongly blue and vital by using sunlight, and especially his orgone accumulator which concentrates orgone from the atmosphere. Some healers have the ability to channel strong bio-energy with their hands and to some degree even remotely with their mind.

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