Regenerating the Blood

It should now be obvious that the most important requirement to overcome a chronic disease, or to become really healthy and make our body disease-proof, is the regeneration of our blood. We need to remove any higher pleomorphic forms, and recharge our red blood cells with vital energy. This is the goal. When the blood has been regenerated then the immune system seems to be capable of eliminating pleomorphic invaders also in tumours and affected organs. This then shrinks tumours and stops autoimmune attacks.

Our effort may start with sanitising the gastro-intestinal tract by using a combination of anti-microbial remedies and suitable probiotics or fermented foods. Continue this for several months or until any related disease symptoms are under control. For a recommended program see Combine this with a high-quality diet high in fresh raw food (e.g., preferably a moderate exercise program and suitable outdoors activity. Try to minimize the negative factors mentioned in the previous section.

In addition pay attention to blood in meat products. Blood that is low in vitality disintegrates rapidly into pathogenic pleomorphics, and especially T-bacilli. This shows the wisdom of ritual slaughter whereby the blood is drained from the animal. This is supported by the holy books and religious traditions of meat-eating societies, not only in Islam and Judaism, but also based on Bible traditions in early Christianity. In contrast, fresh and healthy blood is a powerful healing agent and has been used for transfusions to cure cancer. The Masai rarely eat meat but typically drink fresh blood of their cattle mixed with raw milk. Zulu tribes also drink fresh animal blood, and Mongols would drink blood from one of their horses.

Live blood analysis (LBA), also called Hemaview, can be very useful to monitor the microbial condition of the blood. LBA uses high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood components in a drop of fresh blood, some use also the even better grayfield method. Try to find a practitioner who focuses on microbes in the blood and not mainly on nutritional issues.

Look especially for visible microbes in the plasma. Interpret spikes, inclusions and deformities of red blood cells (RBCs) as microbial infestations rather than nutritional. Also look for aggregation, stickiness or clumping of RBCs. Get images and compare them every 2 to 3 months. This may show you which microbicides and cleansing methods are most effective.

Rational Cancer Treatment

Some special consideration may be appropriate for overcoming cancer, especially if a large tumour or metastases are present. There are several possibilities.

You may focus mainly on restoring vitality. Wilhelm Reich did this with his orgone accumulator. Even when tumours disappeared many patients died, presumably from the toxic effect of disintegrating large tumours which overloaded the organs of elimination.

The Gerson Diet is based on fresh vegetable juices to provide vitality and strongly focuses on eliminating the generated toxins. This gives it a much better success rate. However, it often leads to massive inflammations or healing crises when the immune system starts attacking the pleomorphics and any tumours. One also needs to be careful not to unduly raise the blood sugar level when drinking juices of sweet vegetables, such as carrots – at least half of such juices should be from green-leaf vegetables, and be sipped gradually.

Inflammatory crises can be avoided by greatly restricting food intake as with the Grape Diet on about 1 kg of grapes spaced out during the day, or with the Breuss Diet on half a litre of fresh vegetable juice sipped during the day. Both programs are scheduled to last for 6 weeks. With this approach the body tends to auto-digest any tumours, and the pleomorphics starve to death, but one needs to have reasonably good weight and energy to start with. Alternatively one may use several periodic raw-food cleanses of shorter duration.

Still another approach is to alkalise the body. Professor Enderlein found that pleomorphic structures dissolved in an alkaline milieu. We cannot make the blood more alkaline then its natural slightly alkaline pH of about 7.4, but we can make the lymph system alkaline and with this any tumours. This may be done with different versions of sodium bicarbonate therapy, and to a more extreme degree with caesium chloride. This may eliminate tumours without much inflammation and also helps to clean the blood.

A variety of antimicrobial remedies and devices have been used for which there is widespread anecdotal and often also research evidence of efficacy. Most of these have strong antifungal properties and tend to work without generating strong inflammations. It appears that they mainly clean the blood. Without the presence of pleomorphics tumours just seem to fade away.

Some well-known examples are olive leaf extract, pau d’arco extract, borax, non-acidified sodium chlorite, kerosene, gum turpentine, and Lugol’s iodine solution; ozone and hydrogen peroxide if used intravenously; electronic zapper, and various electronic devices, such as the Rife Frequency Generator, which radiate specific frequencies to destroy pleomorphics. Jim Humble ( claims success with intensive MMS therapy but this is difficult to evaluate because of severe harassment and suppression by the FDA. Minocycline and Doxycycline are conventional antibiotics that work for CWD bacteria and have been successful with various autoimmune diseases when used in very low doses over long periods. However, care must be taken to add antifungal remedies and probiotics, and I regard the non-pharmaceutical antimicrobials as being more effective.

My own preference is to combine a high-quality diet with periodic raw-food cleanses, alkalising the body, and long-term use of moderate amounts of periodically changing antimicrobial remedies and devices. I also like vitalising the blood by exposing the veins under the arms and inside of the legs to sunlight. Continue these efforts until the blood appears to be clean and/or tumours have disappeared or are apparently dormant. For details see The same approach is also suitable for autoimmune diseases and other degenerative conditions.

Conventional medicine cannot adequately explain how tumours kill patients. The available evidence leads me to conclude that tumours are more or less harmless, and that it is mainly the blood contamination with pleomorphic microbes which is the real killer in cancer, AIDS and various other diseases