How does Yakult help digestion? by Mike Harper

Answer by Mike Harper:

Yakult is a fermented product that is rich in probiotics. In fact, it advertises its brand as a drink that has live microorganisms. Now, you wonder how this product helps in good digestion?

Foods that contain high content of Lactobacillus means that more lactic acid is produced. This is advantageous because a minimal amount of phycitc acid that is potentially harmful to the body is produced. This promotes more minerals in our system and digestion will be simplified.

Lactobacillus is only one strain of bacteria. For us to help boost our digestive system, we should at least take 5 different strains of bacteria everyday which we can find in fermented foods and probiotic supplements.

Some of these food sources are:

1. Dairy Sources  – these include dairy products that are fermented like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, creme fish, and aged cheese.

2. Fruits and Vegetables – these also includes fermented fruits and veggies like brined pickles, tangy chutneys, brined olives, sauerkraut and pickled beets.

3. Soybeans – fermented soy products such as miso, natto and tempeh are good sources of probiotics.

4. Grains – traditional sourdough bread that has undergone a process of fermentation has a higher proportion of the bacteria Lactobacillus. A high content of this bacteria means that more lactic acid is produced which is advantageous because this means that a minimal amount of phytic acid that is potentially harmful to the body is produced.

5. Non-dairy beverages – Kombucha which is known as SCOBY Mother or Mushroom, is the most notable dairy beverage that is rich in probiotics. Kombucha is beneficial to athletes because it helps in generating more energy and helps in blood detoxification.

Now with all these fermented foods rich in probiotics, why do we still take probiotic supplements?

The regular foods that we consume at times may not be sufficient in providing us with enough probiotics.Thus, we rush to the aid of supplements.

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How does Yakult help digestion?