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Get a new car, with no credit check, as Uber driver. Meet awesome bay area people, learn from each other and share your skills or knowledge.

You will make new friends and learn from your passengers about many things while you can share your tips about your passion.

(Effective June 27, 2016)
You must comply with California laws, including California Public Utilities Commission
(CPUC) rules and requirements. By clicking “I Agree,” you are affirming that you have reviewed
this information, the CPUC Safety Document, completed the self­directed quiz, and have
reviewed the driver training video.
Driver Training:
The CPUC requires TNC drivers to complete “a driver training program to ensure that all
drivers are safely operating the vehicle prior to the driver being able to offer services.” The
CPUC also requires that TNCs drivers “regularly refresh their knowledge of state and federal
regulatory requirements.”
This training program, which includes the CPUC Safety Document and corresponding
self­directed quiz below, and the required driver training video (available here:
http://www.ubermovement.com/cpuc­video), must be reviewed by all TNC drivers who have partnered
with Rasier­CA before they can use the Uber driver app.
Requests by the CPUC for Information:
The CPUC requires us to notify partners in California that consent is not needed for the
disclosure of a partner’s information to the CPUC. See CPUC Decision 16­04­041 at 3.
Self­Reporting Vehicle Mileage:
In California, all TNC vehicles must complete a 19­point vehicle inspection every 12
months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This 50,000­mile requirement includes miles
driven even when you are not logged into the partner app. As such, we require all partners to
self­report their vehicle mileage. Be on the lookout for instructions on how to report your
mileage in the partner app.
Trade Dress:
The CPUC requires that all TNC partners display the Uber trade dress in two locations
whenever online. You must display trade dress in both the front windshield on the passenger
side and the back windshield on the passenger side. Having Uber trade dress helps riders
quickly identify your car so you can start the trip on time. Please be aware that failure to display
1 CPUC Decision 13­09­045, at 27.
2 CPUC Decision 16­04­041, at 25­26.
trade dress on both front and rear windshields when online can result in a ticket and fine of up to
Unaccompanied Minors:
In California, due to CPUC requirements, you cannot transport an unaccompanied minor
on trips arranged through the Uber app. Keep in mind that in California, a rider must be over 18
to sign up for an Uber account, but if you believe a rider might be underage, you can ask them
to confirm their age and let them know that you will have to cancel the trip if they are indeed
under 18. In addition, you can report requests to transport unaccompanied minors by
submitting in­app feedback.
App­Based Trips:
All trips arranged through the Uber app must be prearranged. Street hailing or picking
up riders who have not requested through the app is against the law and can result in citations
and fines.
Service Animals:
Service animals must be accommodated in compliance with accessibility laws. In
accordance with these accessibility laws, you must accept service animals into your car.
California airports may have different rules that you must comply with if you are
completing an airport pickup or drop­off trip. For information about airports in your area, please
visit http://ubermovement.com/ca­airports.
You may not discriminate against riders based on race, religion, national origin, disability,
sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected
under applicable federal or state law. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, refusing to
provide services based on any of these characteristics. Ratings of users are to be based on a
user’s behavior and may not be based on any of the above or other characteristics protected
under applicable law.
Operating Without Proper Authority:
You MAY NOT share your personal login information for the Driver App with others.
ONLY YOU may use your login information for Driver App. If you let someone else use your
account, you will have your access to the Driver App deactivated.
(Effective June 27, 2016)
Car Safety
In order to comply with the law and to ensure that users of the Uber app have a safe
● Always carry your Driver’s License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance card whenever
you drive. Make sure that you take care to renew each document prior to expiration, and
to upload the updated documents to your Uber profile.
● You are required by the California Public Utilities Commission to submit your vehicle to a
19­point inspection.
● You are expected to maintain your vehicle in safe operating condition. Address
maintenance issues preventatively. Pay extra attention to safety items such as lights,
brakes, wipers, and tires.
● Before going online, check your vehicle for damage and verify that it is clean and ready
for passengers.
● Check head, tail, and brake lights. Monitor dashboard warning lights. Do not drive if the
Check Engine, Brake, ABS or Airbag lights are lit.
● Never text while driving. California law prohibits talking on any phone except a
hands­free phone while driving.
● Make sure that every passenger has a seat belt.
Safe Driving Practices
In order to comply with the law and to ensure that users of the Uber app have a safe
● Always obey all traffic laws.
● Focus and pay attention.
○ Don’t just focus on the car ahead.
○ Monitor adjacent lanes.
○ Make a habit of looking one or two blocks ahead to see trouble before it is too
late to avoid.
● Maintain a safety bubble around you.
○ Keep a margin of safety all around you of five to ten feet.
○ Don’t stop directly behind the vehicle in front of you.
○ If someone stops right behind you, move up a few feet.
○ This maneuver helps avoid chain reaction accidents.
○ There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for use of alcohol or drugs while driving.
● Minimize distractions.
○ Do not text and drive. It is against the law.
○ California law prohibits talking on any phone except a hands‐free phone while
○ Avoid other distractions such as food, drink, makeup, etc.
● Back up safely
○ Plan your entrance and exit beforehand so you don’t have to back up.
○ If you must back up, use a guide.
○ If you must back up and a guide is not available, Get Out And Look (GOAL).
Keeping Your Client Safe
In order to comply with the law and to ensure that users of the Uber app have a safe
● Never execute an illegal or unsafe U turn to pick up or drop off your client.
● When picking up or dropping off your client, find a safe, convenient location. Never stop
in traffic or at a red zone.
● If you use navigation, minimize distraction. Input destination only while the car is
● You may request that your client refrain from any unsafe or illegal activity. If your client
does not comply with polite and reasonable requests, you can end the trip and drop your
client at the nearest safe location. You may submit in­app feedback to explain what