Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factor Formula

ad genes.JPGAlzheimer’s Risk Factor, formula by Connie Dello Buono , ©12Sept2016

Assumption: Female, over 60yrs of age, on western diet, lives in Northern hemisphere, have families with cancer, diabetes and dementia, prone to allergies (lack zinc), digestive disorders, high dairy and sugar consumption (low magnesium and calcium,iron) and had used some medications in the past

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Factor = Blood sugar (0.2) + Blood Pressure (0.2) + Hard cheese and pork consumption (0.1) + Exercise and sun exposure (0.1) + number of medications (0.1) + stress level and brain concussions (0.1) + exposure to copper,fungus,molds,toxins (0.1) + genes (0.1)

  • AD Factor =1.0 (High)
  • AD Factor = <0.8 (Medium)
  • AD Factor = <0.5 (Low)

Please email your entries to to create a database and get health data insights about Alzheimer’s disease. The link below contains the table in Microsoft Word. This data will also be used to track cancer, diabetes, lung disease, depression, mental health and heart disease.

Modified Alzheimer’s disease risk factor

Male = 0.05
Female =0.1
Age > 55yrs=0.1
< 55yrs = 0.05
Blood sugar
Normal/low =0

High = 0.1
Med =0.05

Blood Pressure
High = 0.1
Med =0.05
Exposure to copper,fungus,molds,toxins, smoking,alcohol,narcotics, aluminum, air pollution, medications > 5
(H,M,L)  0.2 = H,M = 0.1
Metabolic and diet:
Diabetes 0.1
Exercise and sun exposure, 3x per week = 0
No exercise = 0.1
0.1 (combo of these genes) –
Aβ42 ;  presenilin 1 & 2 ; APP ;  CASS4  CELF1  FERMT2
EPHA1, and CD2AP
Weak immune and metabolic system:
Infection and allergy 0.1


Stress level and brain concussions (H,M,L)
H = 0.1




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