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10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease That Doctors Often Miss 2173
Eggs for happiness/joy 772
Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging 242
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods 119
Viral infection affects the vascular system and the brain 107
Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet help reduce tumor size 96
Make your own alkaline water to kill any virus growth 94
Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier by Priya Shah 93
Reducing belly fat 80
For Medical Tourists, Simple Math  by Elisabeth Rosenthal 59
Whole foods prevent inflammation 55
Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline 51
Prevent rheumatoid arthritis with healthy immune system and good oral hygiene 51
Roman Coriander, Fennel flower or Black Cumin Seed Oil as an anti-tumor, anti-gastritis and anti-convulsant oil 51
ALOE FEROX plant extract (a laxative agent in South Africa) increased intestinal secretion and motility in constipated rats 50
A message on Love by Curtis J. Milhaupt 48
Bacterial signal can flip the macrophage ‘engine’ from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolysis; a New Inflammatory “Danger Signal for chronic inflammation” 45
Back pain, high blood pressure, stroke and brain tumor 44
Curcumin: anti-parasitic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory,  gastrointestinal effects, inhibits carcinogenesis and cancer growth 44
Reduce the stress hormone cortisol 42
Curcumin/Turmeric for health and happiness by Lisa Cool 41
Doctor’s tips on skin care 40
Iodine prevents cancer growth; up avocado and reduce caffeine intake to prevent Thyroid cancer 39
The secret 4-hr diet to lose weight for the working person 38
New Sign of Stimulants’ Toll on Young by Sabrina Tavernise 36
Anti-aging steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA 35
LSW , Best Indexed Annuities 34
Eat protein-rich food when drinking alcohol to protect your stomach 34
Sleep at night to lose weight, soak in bath with EPSOM salt 32
Herbs, supplements, lifestyle, nutrition and other healing ways for various conditions 32
How often would you flush your kidneys, scrub your intestines, detox your liver 31
Stroke, know early signs and do avoid inflammatory toxins 31
Taste Of Beer Triggers Release Of Dopamine, happy neurotransmitter ; Cocaine bullies dopamine; MAO affects dopamine levels 30
Starvation, diet-induced obesity (unhealthy snacks) elevated triglycerides, decreased transport of leptin to brain lead to obesity 29
Height predisposes one to cancer (tall) and (short) heart disease, stroke, Alzheimers and Diabetes 28
Restless Legs Syndrome in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease 27
Headache/Migraine, a spasm constricting arteries supplying blood to the brain 26
Poor oral health tied to HPV virus by Catherine Saint Louis 26
Bitter gourd or bitter melon for body builders, diabetics, HIV infection 26
Soursop , an anti-cancer fruit (sour in taste) 25
12 Life Lessons along the Path to Enlightenment by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. 25
Not getting enough sleep, by Jane Brody 25
Green juice and whole foods, body pic before and after 25
Healthy foods and exercise thin blood naturally, preventing stroke and cancer 25
Alzheimer’s disease prevention with Vit D, Vit C and low histamine foods or raw/whole foods 24
Immune Boosting Foods, Glutathione-rich Food, anti-Parkinsons and Prostate Cancer 24
A 61 yr old journey to second life after a heart surgery 23
Kidney disease, an underestimated killer, by Jane Brody 23
Sleep apnea can increase cancer growth; other mental disorders and Tryptophan (turkey and other food sources to increase serotonin levels in the brain) 23
DNA Damaging agents and repair, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson and other disease 22
12 Reasons to Support Health Care , Obamacare 22
Where are baby boomers going to live by Tom Sightings 22
Bay area Singles Free to Mingle, create your gatherings 22
Stomach bug 22
Torn ligaments, injuries in bones and tissues 21
Baby Boomers Reveal Their Deepest Financial Regrets, by Tim Sprinkle 21
Dark purple berries or Black currant juice and eggs for upping up sex drive 21
All about wrinkles, anti-aging regimen 21
Thyme herb for toe fungus (guava and comfrey leaves and others) 21
Safe herbs: milk thistle, kava kava, Echinacea, black cohosh and St. John’s wort 21
Decreased Brain Glutamate in Alzheimer’s Disease and excitotoxic effect of Glutamate in Parkinson’s disease 21
This is your brain on coffee 21
Willpower vs. Won’t Power and making more money in your business by Sunil Bhaskaran, Business coach 21
Australia and New Zealand are the fattest countries in the developed world by Anahad O’Connor 21
Binge eating and Rhodiola rosea 20
Vision loss is tied to lack of sleep 20
Take care of your Thyroid gland, 240% increase in Thyroid cancer among women 20
Food and Drug Interactions 19
Low Vitamin D Tied to Aging Problems 19
Smoothie for losing weight, controlling sugar and preparing for fasting 19
Liver cleanse to help your vision and memory 19
Disease condition and odor symptom 18
7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Skin by Amanda Greene Kelly 18
Fenugreek, for diabetes/lactating moms/to boost testosterone 18
Sexual frustration impairs the health of fruit flies and causes premature death 18
Be grateful each day and never stop dreaming and hoping for the best 18
Fat burning, suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism 18
Lose weight, cleanse your system and gain energy 18
Reduce hunger hormone ghrelin by eating protein-rich food in the morning, good fat and complex healthy carbohydrates in the afternoon and evening 18
Three major obstacles toward a miraculous relationship by Deepak Chopra 18
Eye color indicator of serious skin conditions 17
Join me in retiring my 78 yr old mother and for 2014 financial freedom 17
A tale of 3 sisters and 3 brothers in the Philippines, 1970s-present 17
Shark oil for your skin, wound healing and overall health 17
Effect of egg white fermentation with lactobacilli on IgE binding ability of egg white proteins; reducing egg allergy by fermentation 17
Zero market risk, tax free, asset protection, living benefits 17
Cellulite is poor blood flow and water retention 17
As Some Companies Turn to Health Exchanges, G.E. Seeks a New Path by Reed Abelson 17
Vitamin D reduces risk of uterine fibroids 17
Impotence Q&A with Dr Irwin Goldstein 17
Critical illness, most feared than death, is one reason why some file for bankruptcy by Dan Mangan 17
Intestinal biopsy is not always required to diagnose celiac disease (CD) 16
75 yr old male, asthma and diabetes, 20 meds a day 16
Virus enters in weak membranes/cells 16
The Super Benefits of Super Oxide Dismutase 16
Sleepless nights due to full moon by Allison Connolly 16
Uncaria Tomentosa (“Cat’s Claw); Anti Malaria” 16
Frequency of the human body, whole foods, canned foods 16
Libido-boosting diet and lifestyle for men and women 16
Sleep apnea can increase cancer growth; other mental disorders and Tryptophan (turkey and other food sources to increase serotonin levels in the brain) 16
Malunggay, a horseradish tree, as useful as the multivitamin (anti cancer) 16
Sons who are close to their moms are stronger 16
Suicide Rates Are High Among the Elderly by Paula Span 15
Coconut and protein rich diet for Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients 15
States with lowest income taxes by Dan Caplinger 15
Toddlers constipated from whole milk, what to do 15
Aging is a curable disease 15
Beet Juice, relaxes the tone of blood vessels, lowering BP and good for mouth, gut and skin infection 15
Statin meds tied to cataract by Nicholas B 15
Cancer Symptoms You Are Most Likely to Ignore  by Melanie Haiken 15
Red onion, red-leaf lettuce, curly kale, orange sweet potatoes have highest anti-obesity potential , boiling reduces the levels of phytochemicals from 50-75%, steaming veggies preserves anti-obesity phytochemicals 14
How to Get Fungus Free For Life 14
Valproic acid – for cell regeneration and for slowing tumors 14
OBAMACARE Q&A (answers to your questions) by Tara Siegel Bernard 14
Canada Health Care Wait Times: Causes and Cures 14
80 yr old, single male, stomach cancer surgery 14
Detox, Weight Loss, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease 14
Women’s Natural Health Remedies 14
Protect your age from Sun damage 14
What does Obamacare mean for the health-care industry as a whole? stocks, etc 14
The USA leads the world in high medical costs by Elizabeth Rosenthal 14
Autism have mutated cancer or tumor genes 14
Magnesium deficiency, high blood pressure and migraines 14
Body and Soul Wellness 14
Herbs than can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, used after a heart attack/stroke/migraine 14
Influence of conching temperature; Maltitol sugar alcohol in prebiotic milk chocolate containing inulin 14
Why women between ages 40-60 wanted to look young 14
Blood tests may ID suicide risk by Chris Kaiser 14
Healthy Eating Habits 14
Work and Family, stress and laughter 14
High blood sugar linked to Dementia, brain disease by Paula Span 13
Health insurance plans for New York set to fall 50% 13
The Dangers of the Tetanus Vaccine By Daniel Dunkin 13
Best Marinades for meat 13
Low Testosterone Concentrations in Men Contribute to the Gender Gap in Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality 13
Habits of Retirees by Tim Sprinkle 13
Diet high in meat promote the growth of a gut bacteria, carnitine, black walnut, pork parasitic worms 13
Maintain a healthy weight, save on many related costs 13
49 yr old female, heart attack, heat stroke, pork eating country 13
e-cigarettes, nicotine should not be the norm 13
Why do I wish to be a midwife? 13
Top 10 foods for skin by Sara Gaynes 12
Vitamin B5 – Panthothenate – for  Schizophrenia 12
Stem cell transplant for nerve cells, memory and learning brain cells; GABA and cholinergic neurons 12
UFPs from 3D printers harmful to health, causing cardio-respiratory mortality 12
Cancer toll of CT Scans 12
Aspirin may not be that harmless but for many there are healthy ways 12
Music Festival to benefit Mental Health, NAPA California 12
Insure your retirement income for life with Indexed Annuities 12
78 yrs old female, arthritis with severe pain 12
Cherries and red cabbage as anti-arthritis and anti-skin cancer 12
Reducing Failures or Defects in Medical Device a Corrective and Preventive Action Plan 12
People evolved to fight Cholera by Nathan Seppa 12
Medical tourism by C. Virginia Lee, Victor Balaban 12
Quiting jobs because of affordable health insurance by Rick Newman 12
Happy foods (coffee, nuts, fish) 12
When your face cannot take it any more 12
Saying Thank you is like a prayer 11
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV causes inflammation, affecting organs, bones and cardiovascular system 11
Essential dietary supplement with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties 11
Omega-3 fatty acids in cancer, cardiac arrhythmias, adipose tissue inflammation and oxidative stress 11
Indicators of “healthy aging in older women” 11
Green Research Institute 501c(3) 11
Brain flushes out toxins during sleep 11
Carcinogens in corn and other products where Roundup weedkiller is used 11
For energy metabolism, consume protein- rich foods (6 functional amino acids); brain uses 20% of the energy from food 11
Surviving in the most expensive city in the world, Silicon Valley 11
7-minute workout 11
Index Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits, you get the face value without dying and get a higher return 11
Alzheimer’s disease and down’s syndrome gene, serotonin receptor 4, happy neurotransmitter hormone serotonin 11
The three factors that influence our health and well being 11
Zyflamend for Prostate Cancer 11
Alzheimer’s Death Rate Steadily Increasing 10
Caffeine can harm your body 10
Nigeria: Doctors treat lead-poisoned children by Michelle Faul 10
Stress kiling your body cells 10
Complete healing is activated by love 10
Alcohol top Risk Factors for Young-Onset Dementia, brain disorder 10
Our Cells Can Now Fight Cancer as Music can Bring us Wellness 10
Computer Clean Up using CCLEANER and MALWARE BYTES 10
Life Book by Becky Fabella 10
Grow the Feeling and the Essence of Argentine Tango 10
Copper Deficiency May Underlie Osteoporosis, Anemia and Neurodegenerative Disorders 10
10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease That Doctors Often Miss 10
Breast Cancer 10
Don’t call obesity a disease, a comment by Dr David Katz 10
Paradox of Sunscreen ; Bring back the beauty in your face 10
Esther Dello Buono, 17-yr old artist in San Jose CA, won congressional artist award 10
How moderate exercise can help us learn 10
The first time I met you 10
Stop eroding your retirement income from 401k fees, consumerreports.org 10
Testicles Of Yogurt-Eating Mice Shown Bigger, And Researchers Credit Probiotics 10
(unknown or deleted) 10
Dietary nutrients and exercises for the brain 9
Malunggay, a horseradish tree, as useful as the multivitamin (anti cancer) 9
Sunscreen use may slow the skin aging process 9
Female sex hormones play a greater role than male sex hormones on neuromuscular ability for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 9
Libido-enhancing smoothie 9
Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time 9
Anaemia, causes, drugs, folate in beer, beer carbs 9
Fit and least fit cities in America; elementary to high school Physical Education, healthy school lunches 9
Pathogenetic Role of Cortisol in Metabolic Syndrome (stress and digestive health issues) 9
India , a pioneer in low cost heart surgery by Ketaki Gokhale 9
Be brave. Be an innovator. And be the change yourself. 9
Home made health cures from the pros 9
Where are we now, 3yrs after we created a bucket list or a wish list 9
Retiring my mom, 78 yr old still working, I need 10 bay area pro who will save for retirement 9
Skin signals, diet, supplementation and skin care 9
Red wine, resveratrol, an important Alzheimer’s Disease protection 9
My own laundry and bathroom to rent in Silicon Valley 9
12 Life Lessons along the Path to Enlightenment by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. 9
Detox; Weight Loss; Ulcerative Colitis 9
Chlorine rich foods are cleansing (avocado, coconut, onions, parsnips) 9
International Health Care Conference 2014 9
Countries spending the most in health care 9
Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes , 5.4 million Alzheimer’s cases in USA 9
Aging cat and healthier cat who was massaged when young 9
The World’s Best Places to Live 2012 9
Fresh Green juices , plant enery to body energy 9
Why you are doing what you are doing, success and dreams 9
Higher vitamin D dietary intake is associated with lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease 8
Boost Your Testosterone 8
My state of Kentucky needs Obamacare Health Care now by Steve Beshear 8
Consume more Alkaline (veggies, whole foods) than Acidic foods (meat, processed foods) 8
What did you eat at what time of day 8
Male newborns of mothers with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) 8
No man ever loved by William Shakespeare 8
Saving monthly and walk TALL, get you tax refund now 8
Summer is here, take care of your skin, it should glow 8
Testicles Of Yogurt-Eating Mice Shown Bigger, And Researchers Credit Probiotics 8
Blood Deficiency, parasites, iron,metabolic disease 8
Health Stat in Canada, drugs and hospitals cost more 8
California and Federal Family and Medical Leave Act 8
Inflammatory biomarkers as risk factors for future atrial fibrillation among men 8
Cash upfront or payments over time 8
Aluminum toxicity, dangers and Alzheimer’s Disease 8
Adrenal fatigue and coffee 8
The shape of the plant/fruit/seed and the target organs in our body 8
Hormonal and Chemical Balance and the signals from our bodies 8
Communities where people live longer 8
A normal gene in overdrive is culprit for Leukemia, treated with drug for kidney cancer, now patient’s cancer is in remission 8
What is your retirement income strategy 8
What would I like to grow in my life? 8
Megacolon in cats causing constipation 8
Obesity is associated with future Prostate Cancer Risk 8
No 401k, have your own retirement plan 801k 8
Alzheimer’s Disease Diet and supplements 8
Well absorbed nutrition for the active women 8
Do not take this health risks: cell phone on your ear, plastic in microwave, x-rays, PVC, other toxins 7
Inhibition of human aromatase (estrogen synthetase) by plant Flavone (flavonoids), for breast cancer prevention 7
Senior eguide Home Care Tips 7
Vitamin K2 +Calcium for Bone health (K2 from butterfat, organs and fat of animals consuming rapidly growing green grass 7
Antibodies, what they can tell us about our health 7
Apoptosis (cell death) induction in cancer cells exposed to dietary phytochemicals 7
Acute myocardial infarction; imbalance during ischemia-reperfusion ; mitochondrial energy adaption in cancer, obesity and metabolic disorders 7
Alzheimer’s Disease and ABCA7 gene, for lipid homeostasis in cells of the immune system 7
Bathing Binky in Spit May Curb Baby’s Allergy Risk 7
Sex and Life Expectancy 7
Our body cells in acidic bath getting us sick 7
I love you mom 7
Preventive care of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensive (CTPH); prevalent in older women 7
Consuming added sugars may be toxic, by Amanda Woerner 7
Tips for handling your health care needs overseas by Matthew Perrone 7
Turn cell phones at night, electrical radiation, EMF, affecting our brain causing diseases 7
Generation Y, college grads without a job  by Raghav Singh 7
Love is like rain 7
Alzheimer’s Disease and ABCA7 gene, for lipid homeostasis in cells of the immune system 7
Age-related muscle weakness, the brain neuron’s perspective 7
About Full of Life Community Holistic Health Center 7
Replenish the depleted carbs after sports or strength exercise 7
Weird Facts about Tall and Short People by Lisa Collier Cool 7
Understanding Health Exchanges or health insurance marketplaces, Obamacare 7
DNA Damaging agents and repair, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson and other disease 7
2013 Tax Plans and Retirement Notes 7
Share what you  think, your motto, your goal to achieve it in 5yrs ; help with PC virus 7
Senior Care Tips and Tricks for homebound bayarea seniors 4088541883 6
Excessive blood clotting 6
I have kidney cancer and received $288,000 from my policy with 6
Health Excusitis 6
Male Female Cancer Statistics California 6
Now that I have a teenage daughter, I have to apply the same beliefs and walk my talk 6
Natural food toxins: licorice and others so eat in moderation 6
Serum vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 as predictor of Chronic Heart Failure 6
Caffeine can harm your body 6
Health differences in Women and Men 6
Have a cell phone, computer and car: 10,000 sales, direct marketing work available (remote) 6
Global Informal Healthcare Providers chosen for convenience, affordability, and social/cultural reasons 6
Health care cost in Canada, $4k and in the USA , $8k 6
Parasites and their effects on your immune system 6
Critical illness, most feared than death, is one reason why some file for bankruptcy by Dan Mangan 6
Advice to medical tourists 6
Eve Ensler, Suddenly my body 6
for a reason or gush of wind 6
Expressing Love Thru Your Dance 6
Sore eyes, viral not bacterial infection, breastmilk 6
Take a hobby, be it taking pictures, writing poems or dancing 6
Verbal memory deficits in recreational Ecstasy/MDMA users 6
Get a second shot in earning the income you deserve , a $15k value Europe trip awaits for free 6
Vitamin D plays a beneficial role in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) /Dementia 6
The cure starts with you. 6
Rehabilitation and physical medicine related research 6
Sleep at night to lose weight, soak in bath with EPSOM salt 6
Video: Clarinet, With Cicada Chorus 6
Belief, courage, perseverance 6
New skin: 64 yr old female with kidney transplant from 36 yr old male 6
Spiritual beliefs in bipolar affective disorder, very relevant for illness management 6
My resolutions changed with my struggle with cancer, by Suleika Jaouad, 24-yr old 6
Diet before and after a heart attack 6
Should my mom be cared for at home or in a carehome? 6
Healthy Recipes that taste good from hayhouse 6
Diet rich in saturated fats is associated with worse global cognitive and verbal memory 6
Raising up our daughters in this century 5
Hot health issues for men and women 5
Walnuts prevents Breast cancer 5
Rate of return of SP500 , with inflation , 2002-2013 5
(unknown or deleted) 5
Philippines Medical Tourism 5
How to Improve Digestion and Stop Gas from Dr B Kim 5
Cancer shield 5
Parkinson’s Disease Brain and Intestine Health (be Alkaline) 5
NZ’s Fonterra finds botulism bacteria in dairy ingredient by Naomi Tajitsu 5
Plan for financial retirement should start when we are 25yrs of age 5
Health 5
Discover your life’s purpose 5
This Is The New Favorite Pastime Of The Business Elite by Caroline Gregoire 5
Dietary Fiber is more important than Glycemix Index when ranking whole foods for health benefits 5
Reduced level of calcium, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids and glycogen levels in mice liver due to aluminium exposure 5
Clean water and breast cancer rate in the bayarea 5
Vitamin C helps in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease 5
No more internet dating in 2014 5
What happens when somebody dies? 5
Barley Grass Neutralizes Pesticides In Vitro 5
Walk after eating 5
In you , Mom, I’ve seen everything That love can be 5
Anti-aging miracle worker for skin care, Peptides 5
Beauty Drink for Healthy Skin 5
In you , Mom, I’ve seen everything That love can be 5
What controls aging? 5
Red wine, resveratrol, an important Alzheimer’s Disease protection 5
Number of current research (2013) and areas of focus 5
3 best diet-losing weight tips; 3 beauty secret tips; 3 business building tips 5
Increasing knee stability 5
The importance of healthy weight and muscle maintenance in older women and men for maintained physical functioning with aging 5
What are you passionate about 5
Health tips for mothers, a Mother’s Day gift 5
Half of the americans wanted to be enterpreneurs, take action now 5
Where do we stand on our fight for cancer causing substances around us? 5
Google announces Calico, a new company focused on health , extending quality of life 5
Long-term stress higher among elderly men than in women as shown in hair samples from Dutch study 5
Start saving at 25yrs old or prepare for new careers when you are older 5
High blood pressure more in men and higher diabetes rate in women, Nigerian study 5
The age you retire 5
U.S. healthcare stat by David Heitz 5
Hypothetical midlife interventions in women and cutting the risk of Type 2 diabetes by half 5
Metabolic responses to high protein diet in Korean elite bodybuilders with high-intensity resistance exercise coupled with potassium and calcium intake 4
Branched-chain amino acids supplementation for resistance exercise-based muscle damage 4
Stroke Risk Factors, take care of your heart and circulatory system 4
Intestinal Gut microbes and Obesity 4
Eve Ensler: Happiness in body and soul 4
89 yr old female with Alzheimer’s Disease, no meds in care home 4
Antioxidant Vitamin C in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease 4
Oral infections causing more hospitalizations by Catherine St Louis 4
THE HYPOTHESIS Bones help regulate fertility in men. 4
Cancer rate dropping in the USA 4
Eat your nuts for brain and cell health 4
Peel and pulp of citrus fruits inhibit cancer and good for kidney and heart health 4
Crystalline chemicals in two polarizing filters 4
Communicating Love Thru Your Dance 4
Patients with Parkinson’s in the hospital: risks for OTC meds, falls, aspiration pneumonia 4
Exercise training induced significant improvement in sleep quality in postmenopausal women 4
Intestinal Dysbiosis from sugary processed foods 4
(unknown or deleted) 4
Stay at home mothers as business owners and network marketers 4
2% of population who are successful believe fear is not an option 4
Heart Disease, more in women 4
Birth Story, the movie 4
Listen to music to lower your blood pressure 4
(unknown or deleted) 4
Functional Pain Severity/Mobility in Overweight Older Adults 4
Poverty remains high in most US cities from census data by Hope Yen 4
The Office Diet with Whole Body Movement 4
Age fast with sugar in sodas, processed food, caffeine, alcohol 4
Red onion, red-leaf lettuce, curly kale, orange sweet potatoes have highest anti-obesity potential , boiling reduces the levels of phytochemicals from 50-75%, steaming veggies preserves anti-obesity phytochemicals 4
Europe to tackle Spain in health insurance row 4
Happy Father’s day 4
The Great Stagnation of the American Education by Robert Gordon 4
Boost your Libido 4
Half Wall Hang exercise for pregnant women to relieve back pain 4
Retirement Strategy Supercharged 4
Alzheimer’s Disease related to cell health as influenced by poor circulation 4
Frequent heartburn increases the risk for throat cancer 4
Where do we stand on our fight for cancer causing substances around us? 4
Psychopaths can feel no empathy as shown by their brain tests 4
Happy Graduation to Class 2016 4
Plan for a long life 3
Acute ischemic stroke, symptoms and scoring using TCM 3
Alzheimer’s Disease Diet and supplements 3
High cost of cancer drugs; lung cancer story 3
Protect your age from Sun damage 3
Dean Ornish: Healing through diet 3
Combined light exercise after meal intake suppresses postprandial serum triglyceride 3
Weight Training for brain health 3
Forgiveness leads to healing 3
Insomia Aids from motherhealthcare.com Bayarea Caregivers 3
The age you retire 3
Do not eat alone 3
Watercress, a healthy tonic salad greens, skin health 3
A cure for cancer 3
Diet rich in saturated fats is associated with worse global cognitive and verbal memory 3
Cell Salt Therapy 3
Free scarf for you this winter to keep you warm 3
Brain controls the appetite/food traffic 3
Long-term cognitive impairment too common after critical illness 3
Idle Money no more in 2014 3
No more bugs, cancer in our bodies in 2014 3
Healthy Oils 3
IRA Limits 3
Communicating Love Thru Your Dance 3
Emergency Childbirth: When Baby Arrives Before the Midwife or Doctor 3
Hair Loss/Weight Loss, herbs for allergies, drug side-effects, herbs with caution, chemo Q&A 3
Sweet cassava tubers, a staple in Asia and Africa, is a powerful energy food for athletes 3
Seek first to understand and then be understood 3
Services at Full of Life Community, bay area 3
Zinc affects male fertility 3
Our mothers told us to not over spend 3
IV infusion (chelation therapy) of essential nutrients, flushing metal toxins 3
#658 (untitled) 3
Goat milk with and without increased concentrations of lysozymes (human breastmilk) improves repair of intestinal cell damage induced by enteroaggregative Escherichia coli 3
Calcium Pyrophospahte Deposition Arthropathy, severe joint pain 3
The Food Is Broken, Not You by David Hogg, ND 3
Long term care costs, prepare before it happens 3
Hormonal and Chemical Balance and the signals from our bodies 3
Vitamin D for eyes and brain health by Courtney Hutchison 3
Canada as a medical tourist destination 3
Blood test results indicating infection 3
Genes, Mortality, LDL cholesterol 3
Antioxidant Vitamin C in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease 3
High fat diet or ketogenic diet for Epilepsy (brain seizures) 3
Job Stress Blamed for Sizeable Proportion of Depression by Caroline Cassels 3
(unknown or deleted) 3
Scientists find clue to age-related memory loss 3
(unknown or deleted) 3
Baby boomers: Network and socialize now and be computer savvy 3
Fecal incontinence and Alzheimer’s Disease 3
Bayarea Performers Raised Funds for Senior Care last Sept 2 in Redwood City 3
Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in Men and Women 3
Gut check and mental stress. Why are we in debt? Other News 3
Free Friday concerts in Santa Cruz beach 3
Don’t Just be a Genius, Be A Genius Maker 3
Breast Cancer Stat from 2000-2010 in California 3
#651 (untitled) 2
Immune Deficiency Muscle Care Anticancer More from motherhealthcare.com Bayarea Caregivers 2
Women’s Natural Health Remedies 2