Mark Zuckerberg and his wife on Wednesday pledged $3 billion over the next decade to help banish or manage all disease, pouring some of the Facebook founder’s fortune into innovative research.

Connie’s comments:

I will use $3B to banish disease by:

  • ensuring clean water, clean air and organic produce-whole foods to the global community, esp developing countries
  • provide affordable housing and a focus on family planning – 2-child policy per household , especially to the developing world
  • provide free prenatal to all pregnant mothers, with 6months of family leave with pay to give time to raise a newborn and breastfeed
  • add health education classes in elem schools with focus on cooking, herbs/organic use, human body/metabolism and immune system, genetics, alcohol and smoking, drug abuse and medication abuse
  • monitoring for all prescribed medications, mobile apps and online
  • matching of care providers and online/mobile app for curated health communities, rewards,health info, health care management and nursing
  • use of health data to provide specific health insights for health care based on sex, ethnicity,lifestyle and genetics
  • video chat with doctors and other allied health providers such as herbalist, naturapathics, genetic counselors,health coach, fitness coach, gym coach,others
  • rewards system and education for all and for those who do not smoke, do alcohol abuse/drug abuse/medication abuse
  • re-define health insurance policies with regards to health promotion, abuse of drugs, other complimentary and non-destructive diagnostics tests
  • re-define nursing and medical doctor’s curriculums, policies,documentation,monitoring,certification,internship, others
  • allow doctors to prescribe herbs and other complimentary and alternative medicines
  • avoid wastage in farm produce by donating it to school cafeteria to serve to young children
  • job creation to poor families, free college education for the poor and increase of min wage to $15 for working families with children
  • federal support monthly of $400 for each child for poor and middle income families but encouraging family planning
  • increase funding for planned parenthood and other clinics serving the poor and middle income families
  • focus on education about risks of eating processed foods, sugary foods, depression, use of medications, abuse of meds/drugs, abuse of alcohol, smoking
  • promote health and wellness by eradicating obesity, limiting sugary foods consumption, penalising companies selling sugary foods, FDA to target companies that add poisonous chemicals in all products used for humans and animals
  • allow creation of nursing homes and day care in one facility to provide a good environment for young and old
  • there are 1000 more I cannot fit in this one blog post…Email for your suggestions.