Telehealth: A nurse can be on the phone providing guidance to a patient.

Telemedicine: A doctor can be on a video chat with a patient to help reduce chronic care cost for outpatient care and preventative medicine.

mHealth (mobile technologies): Use of device or software application to effect wellness and health. May or may not be under FDA regulation if no diagnosis or data manipulation is made and most of the data is patient generated health data. Still compliant with HIPPA and data privacy.

Patient generated health data: Electronic generated health data created and generated by patients using a wearable, mobile device or software application. Still compliant with HIPPA and data privacy.

Electronic health records (HER): Health records generated in a health institution or by hospital systems compliant with HIPPA and data privacy.

Personalize Medicine: Customized medicine based on molecular genetics data/genomics and information derived from the integration of many health risk factors, biomarkers, diagnosis ,lab data and biometrics and more. May or may not be FDA regulated but still compliant with HIPPA and data privacy.

Connie’s comments: The above description are my own definition of each of the new health vocabulary.

Many systems, applications, medical device and hospital systems are being created to incorporate one or two of the above descriptions. Most of the new systems focus on the clinical side, helping drug companies and hospital better customize health delivery.

Motherhealth mobile health application shall be focusing more on patient engagements and integrating all of the above health tasks/descriptions.

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