A new mark on your face or body (skin) appeared and when do you see a doctor.

  1. A bump or blemish appeared after waxing or around your period. Inspect what it is. Is it a zit or an ingrown hair? Apply salicylic acid.
  2. It has been there too long and it changed in size, color or has bled. See a doctor.
  3. A rash appeared and is it brownish. Discoloration sush as brown spots can indicate prediabetes. See a doctor.
  4. For an itchy red rash, use 1% hydrocortisone cream twice a day.
  5. If it is painful rash accompanied by blisters (bacterial infection, shingles), go see a doctor.
  6. Is it red with flushing and pimple-life bumpiness around the nose, it could be Rosacea.
    Sudden sun sensitivity and butterfly shape rash can indicate Lupus.
    A scaly rash on the nipples could be Paget disease of the breast.
    See a doctor.