Root causes of lack of initiatives and success in population health efforts and programs

  • The health of a state’s population is not always prioritized relative to other societal goals.

  • Incentives to improve health, including financial and political ones, are misaligned.

  • And there is a lack of consensus regarding who is responsible for health.


  • Consumers must voice their opinion to concerned officials and leaders promoting population health.
  • Focus solution on where the needs are.
  • Solutions must tailor fit what the current top health issues are.

For example in Woonsocket Rhode Island, the biggest issues identified were substance abuse, teen pregnancy and trauma. Appropriate programs are then rolled out over a three- to four-year period.

Email on your suggestions to be the focus health issues and solutions for government and consumers to take action in improving population health.

Mobile health applications must address the needs of the vulnerable populations.  Health insurance companies, government and employers must fund  mobile health application that will benefit the whole population especially the poor and the disadvantaged.