Why is the Quora community so anti-Donald Trump? by John David Kievlan

Answer by John David Kievlan:

Let me be blunt. Quora tends to be anti-Trump because Quorans tend to be knowledgeable people who are good at critical thinking. Whether Trump should be President is not a matter of serious intellectual disagreement. In order to believe Trump should be President, you must be entirely unaware of what qualities make a person dangerous to have in any position of authority.

Trump is narcissistic and self-absorbed.

Trump openly incites his followers to violence and pretends he had nothing to do with it when they commit violence on his orders.

Trump throws tantrums when somebody says something negative about him and attempts to destroy them by any means necessary.

Trump aggressively promotes stereotypes about minorities.

Trump unapologetically associates with white supremacists.

Trump makes grandiose claims about what he will do as President, when the most cursory examination of the facts makes it clear he can never make good on those promises — unless he intends to nuke anybody who stands in his way.

Trump says one thing on Monday and the opposite on Tuesday.

Trump says things that are grossly, ridiculously false and defends them not with facts, but simply by pointing out that the crowd liked it when he said it.

Saying “Trump would make a good President” is a lot like saying “I think my pet tapeworms are going to be good for my intestines.”

Why is the Quora community so anti-Donald Trump?