Dear fellow American women,

My 20 yr old daughter said that it is common sense to put a person in a job with all the qualifications needed to do the job. In terms of voting for the USA president, I am with her not because she is a woman but because of her qualification. We must admit, she worked hard for over 30 years and co-wrote 400+ policies in the Senate. We should not be jealous of another woman’s accomplishments. Our goal is health care, sensible with the positive gains of OBAMACARE and a fix to it, to put limits to how much the pharma and health insurance companies want to increase their profit.

I am for abortion not because I am not a Christian. I am a Catholic and will always will be.Took 12 units of Theology class, goes to say the rosary for an hour every Saturday and joined a procession , bringing the image of mother Mary house to house.  I believe that women should have the right to decide about their bodies. In the olden times, women die on the street without proper care during a clothes hanger abortion or similar non-sterile operation.

When my 19 yr son old started dating, I drove him to Planned Parenthood.

I love helping young women how to nurture their pregnancy and babies with childbirth education as an educator and how to massage babies, and other wellness ways.

We all wish that we can leave our future generation with their own set of rules, not limited by our own judgement of a woman president or party. That the future generation of women will not be sexually assaulted, physically or verbally by any man in power or not in power. That the future grandchildren will have less student loans than us. That the future retirees will have enough to live by and still enjoy the  community, health care  and necessities in life.

We are blessed to have lived in this country, USA, where we can learn new ways, try new business and explore the world with peace and prosperity.

If we can only be not judgemental, as only God can judge if we decide to abort, to support a woman President, to support a Republican or Democratic party or be loyal to our abusive husbands and/or partners. Please do not vote for a party just because your partner wants to. Vote because you believe that women have the power to change the world, without booing or shouting to another person or party.


Connie Dello Buono

Election comments


Cincinnati, Ohio 1 hour ago

Is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton is the most vilified public figure of this still young century? One national network has a mission to destroy her. The weird right wing conspiracy driven social media ecosystem (Brietbart, Adam Jones, Ann Coulter, etc all) hate her viscerally, as do many Members of Congress and a wide swath of the population.

is it any wonder that she is a private person in a public role? Can anyone really blame her or hold it against Clinton to shrink in a defensive crouch when he opponent asserts she is a devil who he would throw in jail? No one has been as subjected to such nonstop vitriolic abuse, and is, frankly, less deserving of the withering criticism. Benghazi? How many GOP inquiries that came up with nothing? Email server? Not one shread of evidence that national security was compromised, nor has anyone mentioned that Bush/Cheney destroyed more than 5,000,000 White House emails associated with the invasion of Iraq, the century’s seminal moment of political fraud?

I, for one, conclude that Trump was spot on about Hillary: she is tough, determined and focused. Are not those the qualities of a leader? Forget her less than sizzling persona. Ignore the lingering tides of sexism still awash in the country. HRC has absolutely been through the guantlet of public and personal challenges unlike any other public figure in my lifetime. i will enthusiastically cast my vote for Hillary next month. It’s time for steady, embracing, female leadership.


Ireland 1 hour ago

C’mon Mark, there is nothing risky about Hillary Clinton.

All hyperbole aside, Secretary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for President by far. ( man OR woman ). She supports a centrist, quasi-corporatist platform with some slightly left of center policies ( maybe ) since being pulled over by Senator Sanders and the Sandernistas.

After, 30 years + of the political spectrum being pulled to the extreme right, that even old republican baked policies are declared ”socialist’, there is absolutely nothing risky about Secretary Clinton .

Now with the other guy, we could end as a civilization…

Al Reese

Washington 1 hour ago

What strikes me most from this exceptional piece of reporting is just how difficult it is for a person of substance, intellect, compassion and empathy to communicate those attributes in today’s media environment. And, in stark contrast, how easy it is to communicate the vapid, simplistic, hateful rhetoric spewed by her opponent. When I went through journalism school, a lot of the talk was about the Canadian, Marshall McCluhan’s prediction of the worldwide web, 30 years before it was actually invented. He was, of course, both prescient and prophetic: in the new age, he said, humans would move from individualism to what he called a “tribal base.” We are witnessing now the manifestation of his theories.


Paris 1 hour ago

Although it would be completely insane to vote for Trump- and as an American abroad I have already cast my vote for Hillary Clinton-, this election carries not much hope to change the system. Mrs Clinton’s presidency will pretty much be the same as Mr. Obama’s unless she can coalesce with a Democratic congress to really change things and address grave domestic issues like increasing inequalities, continuing racism, imperfect and expensive health care system, dramatically high college tuitions, climate change…etc and the list is long. I must say that as an American living in Paris, I was horrified by the crass level of the debate which Trump instigated. By letting Trump win the nomination, the Republican party robbed the American people of a real election. In the existing circumstances, there is no choice at all but to vote for Mrs. Clinton. And this lack of proper choice is wounding our democracy.

Richard M. Waugaman, M.D.

Chevy Chase, MD 2 hours ago

Having been mesmerized by Hillary’s performance in the first two presidential debates, my opinion of her is soaring.

We know that the Hillary-ophobes have been brainwashed by years of Faux News and its barrage of untruths about her. But I am beginning to wonder if even those of us who support her have also been “brain-rinsed” a bit.

No, she is not perfect. But she is eminently qualified to serve as President, and our country is fortunate that she has the strength of character to withstand the years of disgustingly dishonest attacks on her.

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