Alzheimer’s disease starts 30years before signs appear, from Personalize Medicine seminar

  • Drug companies are trying to find non-invasive diagnostic tests to identify the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease at early stage (age >30 yrs old) before signs appear.
  • Venture capitalists does not want to invest in Diagnostics
  • Drug companies are making more progress in companion diagnostics than complimentary diagnostics. Companion Dx is limited to a specific therapy while complimentary Dx is not link to a specific therapy and more beneficial to therapy monitoring.
  • Some drug/biopharma companies still invest in diagnostics to support drug companies get better patient outcomes.
  • Health insurance companies are not reimbursing Pharmacogenetics tests and some doctors are reluctant to prescribe these tests, which is required by FDA before the patient can use the tests to lessen drug toxicitiy.
  • The FDA was not educated on the reduction in costs and death with the use of Pharmacogenetic tests while some organizations are abusing the pricing of Pharmacogenetic tests.
  • Health data is very powerful, Quest Diagnostics has 100 million patient samples and health data.
  • The cost of a biomarker is not high at this time.
  • A company using drug response in terms of the nervous state of the person has a very promising future in immunotherapy. A person can influence his/her heart variability for positive response towards a stronger immune system.
  • More lessons learned….Connie Dello Buono, partticipant in Personalize and predictive medicine seminar in SSF, Oct-12-13 2016

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