Join 25,000 others in getting a complete DNA sequence to give you a baseline about your DNA and help shape the  future in medicine. Email Connie at for more info.

What you get?

  1. Health concierge for the next 20 years for a patient-centric care for those who is passionate about cancer prevention.
  2. Electronic storage of your health data you can share with your health care team and monitor for any advances in science, genetics, epigenetics, integrated CAM and medicine.
  3. Be a participant in defining patient-centric health care solutions in the next 20 years.

We need 25,000 people to get a price of $1500 per person (per person saliva sample and includes DNA sample QC, library construction, sequencing at 30X (90Gb) and bioinformatics analysis). You will get a copy of the results and another copy to Motherhealth to help shape the future of medicine.

Currently, only big hospitals and corporations can derive health data from WGS. As consumers, we need to be participating in the evolution of health so that we can be part of the process of identifying health data insights. Data privacy and HIPPA compliance shall be observed when handling data (storage,control and access) at all times.

Goal: Store your DNA sequence, 3x year lab data (blood,urine,fecal,others) and other health data in next 20yrs to create health data insights that can help monitor your health and achieve your health goals with others and not by yourself.

About Motherhealth

Motherhealth shall complete the first mobile health application (due 1st quarter of 2017) designed for the health consumers with focus on telemedicine, precision medicine, health curated data,health concierge for seniors, cancers and the consumer 20 yrs before health issues arise and during chronic health care monitoring. Email to participate as investor or developer. Connie Dello Buono founded Motherhealth to provide health information, data insights (actionable health data) and service to health consumers via a mobile health application and health concierge/coordination.

Other teams

Doctors, genetic  counselors, nutritionists, health coach, gym coaches, other health care teams referred by you and the community.

Genetic lab based in Davis, CA and other organization in bio-informatics and health-internet space.

About WGS

Whole genome sequencing (also known as WGS, full genome sequencing, complete genome sequencing, or entire genome sequencing) is a laboratory process that determines the complete DNA sequence of an organism’s genome at a single time. This entails sequencing all of an organism’s chromosomal DNA as well as DNA contained in the mitochondria and, for plants, in the chloroplast.

Whole genome sequencing should not be confused withDNA profiling, which only determines the likelihood that genetic material came from a particular individual or group, and does not contain additional information on genetic relationships, origin or susceptibility to specific diseases.[2] Also unlike full genome sequencing, SNP genotyping covers less than 0.1% of the genome. Almost all truly complete genomes are of microbes; the term “full genome” is thus sometimes used loosely to mean “greater than 95%”. The remainder of this article focuses on nearly complete human genomes.

High-throughput genome sequencing technologies have largely been used as a research tool and are currently being introduced in the clinics.[3][4][5] In the future of personalized medicine, whole genome sequence data will be an important tool to guide therapeutic intervention.[6] The tool of gene sequencing at SNP level is also used to pinpoint functional variants from association studies and improve the knowledge available to researchers interested in evolutionary biology, and hence may lay the foundation for predicting disease susceptibility and drug response.

Dear Doctors,

Let us help you coordinate DNA sequence tests for all your patients. Email for more details.