Advanced technology has been incorporated into all aspects of daily living. The health consumer is the master of her own personal health and the Health Advocate Avatar or Digital Health Avatar is her faithful assistant. This digital knowledge entity works through a compelling interactive “personality” to provide continuous monitoring, coaching, advice and support to serve the unique needs of its master. It learns to help the master comply with therapies, reminds him to take medicines, and uses persuasion to encourage healthy behavior.

The avatar has access to its master’s comprehensive personal health record, knowledge of his needs and preferences, and the accumulated wisdom of health databases, evidence-based knowledge and consolidated opinions of the world’s experts.

Biosensors worn on the body or embedded in the environment continuously track the master’s physiological and psychological health status and behaviors. This data provide a comprehensive ongoing picture of all aspects of health and allows detection of minute changes in disease risk.

The avatar proactively investigates any abnormality and takes automatic action within parameters determined by the master and his care team. (Actions are also assessed by the avatar’s fail-safe monitor to ensure that no harm is done.)

The avatar provides information to the health home and sets up virtual encounters or interventions as required.


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