Physical therapists, genetic counselors, nutritionists,doctors and health coaches

Hollister needs a physical therapist 2x per week, 2hrs per visit. Email to apply.

Motherhealth needs all specialists, doctors, caregivers for seniors, genetic counselors, nutritionists and health coaches as this site is being redesigned to allow all health consumers to:

  1. Calculate their health risks for Alzheimers and cancer.
  2. Know their complete DNA sequence as baseline in next 20 years to prevent any chronic condition as we add health concierge curated for each person. Genetic counseling will be available as we invite all genetic counselors.
  3. Electronic appointment and video chat with doctors from your own circle, referred by other doctors or from our database. Calling all health insurance companies and hospitals to join us and be added in the list of providers including their staff of clinicians.
  4. Health care manpower through job posting and resumes.
  5. Other health support and resources: brain games, ebooks on health, video, and a way to collect and share with your team your own patient generated health data


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connie dello buono

Health educator, author and enterpreneur or ; cell 408-854-1883 Helping families in the bay area by providing compassionate and live-in caregivers for homebound bay area seniors. Blogs at Currently writing a self help and self cure ebook to help transform others in their journey to wellness, Healing within, transform inside and out. This is a compilation of topics Connie answered at and posts in this site.

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