Most cancers are detected during the last stage (neuroendocrine cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer) and even with the use of immunotherapeutics and precision medicine, doctors agree that with Molecular Intelligence results physicians are able to extend life for cancer patients by one year only.

When my father had stage 4 lung cancer, he said that the pain is like in hell while he is still living on earth. He lived for 9 months, from the 3 months that the doctor suggested.

If you know anyone , friend or family member who died of cancer, would you like to arm yourself with knowledge that can be used by clinicians and yourself in preventing a chronic disease or cancer to appear 20 years from now?

Motherhealth understands that genomics is driving the development of precision medicine. It partnered with a molecular genetic lab in Davis, California and genetic counselors/scientists are welcome to join to help find actionable health data and insights early from the health information derived from the DNA seequence test.

We do not want to be in a rush to extend life for another year when we can live a quality life in next 20 years knowing our genetic limitations and triggers.

  • There is no need to wait or find a clinical trial. All health consumers are welcome to join.
  • We can utilize genomic companies who can provide analytics and data insights from your genomic data aside from the bio-informatics and genetic counselors/scientists that are accessible to you.
  • You can have a greater impact on how you lead your life free from health issues as you now have a baseline of your genetic data.
  • We now know that same medicine, different genes have different effects (AIDS medicine, allergy medicine, anesthetics, antibiotics, antidepressants, asthma medicine, cancer medicine, heart medications, pain killers, seizure medicines, etc)
  • Only big hospitals and those who can afford cancer therapy are able to fully use precision medicine during the last year of patients’ lives.

Join 25,000 people in helping redefine health with health concierge and precision medicine. For $1500, you get your complete DNA sequence and free health concierge from Motherhealth.

All doctors and families are invited to avail of this complete DNA sequence tests. Email for more info.

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