Babies should sleep in parents’ room first year: US doctors

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I slept with my 2 babies for the first 6 years of their lives in San Jose, California USA. I delivered then at home with nurse midwives, breastfed and massage them before the bath and when they are sick. I tried to get them to nap for an hour in the afternoon. And now they are 20 and 22 yrs old on their own, thriving. But the benefits of sleeping with your babies are:

  • They trust you more as you are attentive to their cry for hunger, wet,and other basic needs. As their basic needs are heard, they trust the world too.
  • They become confident and nurturing to others.
  • They have better decision making skills in areas of nurturing and care.
  • And more…
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Connie’s comments on SID, blue babies or babies who did not breath after birth: Moms who have taken some medications or drugs during the first trimester would have babies who have difficulty breathing after birth.


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