by Connie Dello Buono

A coworker cannot absorb iron in her diet because of one gene, MTHFR. As a result, she had been having chronic pain in the past. I recommended that she adds vinegar in her diet since vinegar helps in the absorption of minerals in whole foods.

Most of us as we age have poor absorption of important nutrients in the whole foods that we eat, so we have to chew more and eat whole foods rich in digestive enzymes (in papaya and pineapple) and add probiotics (acidophilus, pickled veggies) in our diet.

Many mental health issues arise because of the unfriendly bacteria in our guts, so we have to eat more whole foods and avoid processed foods and sugar. And add probiotics supplementation or eat pickled veggies.

When our genes tell us that we are prone to infection or sensitive to allergens, we have to up our intake of Vitamin C rich foods and zinc.

When our genes tell us that we tend to have skin sensitivities, we need to take care of our liver with more greens, liver detox diet rich in Vit C (lemons, ginger) and less on preservatives and toxic substances in our environment.

Many of our genes can all tell us  that we are prone to weakened tissues, we then up our intake of red colored greens or whole foods as they are rich in nutrients to strengthen our membranes and tissues.

And more to come…