Do you take time to rest? Do you have a standing desk? Do you spend at least 30min exercising during the day? Do you get at least 7 hrs of sleep a day?

What are your health goals? What motivates you to live a healthy life? Who are your inspiration or healthy role models?

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My own path to health

Many of my relatives died from hearth attack due to genetics, eating habits, lifestyle and environmental toxins. I wanted to raise my grandchildren when the time comes that I become a grandmother. At my current age, I wanted to remain medication free. I do 30-min of cross fit a day, tries to sleep at least for 7 hrs a day and choose whole foods with limits to my sugar intake. I wanted to be a good role model for others so I have to walk my talk. I go to the farmer’s market, help my mom plant some veggies and teach my children about healthy lifestyles. This December 8 on my birthday, I want to feel healthy like I am in my 30s.

Today, I will continue on my passion -project to bring site to everyone. Your suggestions is much appreciated. And investors and mobile app developers are welcome.

Here is the site slogan: is your health data site to help find cancer cure and slow the aging process.

Find actionable health points from your genetic data and lifestyle, video chat with your doctor and find care providers near you, a health concierge catered to your needs.