If you know from genetic tests that cancer will develop in 20yrs, would you like to know that to give you time to fight cancer?

If you get a prognostic biomarker tests to measure your molecular age so that you have time to slow aging, would you be interested in that?

Would you like a complete DNA sequence tests to know majority of the genes that are essential in making you healthy?

Soon, at http://www.avatarcare.net site, we can bring this predictive medicine with your participation where we can gather more health data to create actionable health points to help find cure for cancer or slow the aging process. Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you wanted this health concierge site and help it develop to serve more people.

The site will also let you find doctors, hospital staff, specialists and caregivers. You can have a video chat with your doctor and set up an electronic schedule with your doctor.

Doctors and health consumers can communicate early before an emergency happens. We can all participate in our own health.

For example, if we gather more health data, such as below, we can create analytics.

Share this with your doctor, together we can effect health and collaborate with every one in the care time. We will help doctors facilitate information delivery and provide communication link and more.