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My 80-yr old mom would massage her aching body after a hard day of work caring for other seniors. She uses fresh ginger, coconut oil and other oils I bought for her.

My grandma would use a paste of burned egg yolk and warm wash of boiled guava leaves for my skin problems. She also massages my body whenever I am sick.

Many of my family members have cancer (lung,ovary) and heart attacks.  My brother died at 47 yrs old from heart attack.

As a former bay area childbirth educator and pharmacy technician instructor, I saw the power of health education in affecting health.

I was fortunate to find a nurse midwife during my two pregnancies and other health care specialist during those times I need them the most.

I helped other home-bound seniors find affordable and compassionate live-in caregivers using my Motherhealth caregiving agency with 408-854-1883 (text hotline).  I have to re-design my online presence to reach most of them and provide free health education via my health blog at .

I wanted to care for my grandchildren and be able to run and dance with them when I am in my 70s. I know many in the bay area who lost their savings and homes because of health care expenses.

Our health insurance does not cover preventive medicine such as non-invasive diagnostics like genetic tests , pharmacogenetic tests , acupuncture, massage therapists, nutritionists, gym coaches, health coach and other specialists.

We are going to participate in the redefinition of many health care solutions in the coming years. We can access all the health education we need from specialists and organizations with online presence.

I met a professor at Stanford who holds a patent for two genetic tests, one to detect cancer many years before it becomes stage 1 and one to measure our true molecular age.

I believe it is time to empower our health consumers to participate in their health care, to use predictive medicine such as genetic tests to learn about how their genes will react to medications and affect their lifestyle, diet and emotions.

To use telemedicine to connect via a video chat and online scheduling with their doctors and to connect with other care providers by matching their care needs.

To use health concierge in the way they want their health care team and access be directed to reduce health care costs and be proactive in using preventive measures and resources.

You are all welcome to join us in defining health concierge and a consumer driven and science led participatory medicine. Email for more info.

To a better health care,

Connie Dello Buono