By Ted Broer

Over the past ten years I have received a massive increase in phone calls and letters from people who either have family members or themselves who have been suffering from estrogen dominance. Whatthis does in men is cause lowered testosterone, enlarged breasts, increased body fat, depression, loss of libido and andropause…all symptoms which were basically unheard of fifty years ago.

In the case of estrogen dominance in women, it is usually combined with an increased rate of fibroid
tumors, irregular periods and breast or ovarian cancer.
Parents call in complaining or asking for help with young boys and male teenagers who are dealing with
estrogen dominance symptoms. Their symptoms are slowed maturation, confused gender identity,
much smaller reproductive organs and an issue of increased trans-gender identification.
Young girls with estrogen dominance usually start their period very young (some have been known to
start as early as three years of age). This starting of the period at an early age is usually accompanied
with weight gain…sometimes to the extreme.
The big question is “Why is this happening?”
Several years ago, I wrote an article that centered primarily on andropause and reduced sperm count
which caused infertility.
Today, I am addressing what I believe are the root causes of these issues, and what we can do about

This is going to be one of “those” articles which I cannot make politically correct, nor will I try to
do so. If you think this may offend, then please do not read any further. Quite frankly, I really do not
want to be writing this article. The root cause of this is so awful that it borderlines on conspiracy theory.
The problem is…it is fact, not theory. This makes it all the more difficult to write about since it is
affecting so many individual lives and the lives of families.
In his book, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley discusses the estrogen dominance problems which are
caused by the elite globalists as a form of population control…which is literally chemical warfare.
Years ago and to this day, the Rockefeller Foundation was heavily involved in the promotion of
eugenics. This is the science of planned depopulation control. This included forced birth control and
sterilization to reduce the world’s population.
There are two ways that eugenics can be achieved:
1. Increase the death rate. Done!
2. Decrease the birth rate. Done!
The following is a quick, simple lesson on brain chemistry. A little known fact I learned in Neuro
Chemistry while in school at Florida State University is that in mammals, including humans, all offspring
initially have a female brain…including boys.

During the utero cycle, the “Y” chromosome signals the mother to release testosterone. This increase in testosterone causes the ovaries to become testicles and changes the female brain of the male infant to the brain of the male.

Or, at least, that is what is supposed to happen. Remember, it takes a required amount of testosterone from the mother to do this change. Testosterone and estrogen are antagonists, and one can dominate the other.

If too much estrogen is present, then the testosterone cannot do its job.


Back in the 1940’s, the Rockefeller companies introduced plastics into the Eco System. They knew
when they did so that many of the plastics were xenoestrogens, which if consumed by humans, would
feminize males.

Always remember that gasoline is a by-product of the petro chemical industry.

It used to be disposed of as a waste product.
Oil companies earn thousands of dollars per barrel by making xenoestrogens in the form of cosmetics,
perfumes, drugs, plastics, fertilizer, weed killer, detergents…and the list just goes on and on.


The gasoline could literally be given away for free as a by-product. Again, many of these plastics and
compounds being used today are known as xenoestrogens. If absorbed into the skin or taken internally,
they react in the body as estrogen. This increase in estrogen, in many cases, is the root cause of the problems already mentioned.

I include in the xenoestrogen category most plastics, especially those that contain
BPA ,  Round Up, Atrizine, hand sanitizers, makeup, and petro chemical soaps, like

This short list is only a few of the actual list which is in the hundreds, if not the thousands.
If a pregnant human female is exposed to this onslaught of estrogen mimickers, then in many cases
sufficient testosterone cannot be released to make the male fetus a fully developed male. When this happens, the brain will remain female. It will not become a male brain. And, in many cases, reproductive organs in the male are extremely small. The result will be a feminized boy with a female brain and small genitalia.

Basically, a woman in sort of a male body…a metro male.

What a mess all this becomes when men play God with nature. These half men and half women act and think like women. In many cases, but not all, they are attracted to men, and some want to wear makeup, dresses and womens jeans.

This is not a joke or a subject for ridicule, for these men were literally chemically castrated in the uterus.


Huxley referred to this as the chemical warfare plan. I must admit, it has worked very well.
Again, what I am discussing here is not a conspiracy, but it is a biological and chemical fact. The goal of the globalists, by their own statements, is to reduce the world’s population. They will do this by using the following:
1. Sterility
2. Separation of males and females
3. The breaking up of the traditional American family
4. Gender manipulation and confusion of sex identity
5. Higher and higher divorce rates
Several years ago, as part of its continual obfuscation campaign, The American Chemical Association
banned the use of BPA in baby bottles. This was a joke, as it was never readily used in baby bottles. But,
they failed to ban the use of BPA as a liner in cans and in water bottles. (As I have done entire emails on
BPA, I will not go back in detail on this topic.)

I will mention, however, the plastic wraps used in microwave food  contain phylates, another potent estrogen compound. This plastic literally melts into the microwaved food, loading it with estrogen.
Taking all this a bit further: We are mammals and we release pheromones. These pheromones are
used to attract men to women. The pheromones are picked up through the olfaction glands.
There is a reason that cowboy westerns were so big fifty years ago. In those days, most women
wanted tough, rugged men. Most of the men wanted to be tough, rugged guys.

However, when women are on the birth control pill, their body is chemically placed into a pregnancy mode. At this point they want a nurturing, fatherly type for a mate. This is just basic hormone chemistry. Many women who are on birth control pills end up marrying metro males, which then produce more metro males.
Please remember, I am not singling out anyone in this article, but am giving you the facts in reproductive
biochemistry. Birth control pills were originally released to the public through the eugenics program.
This cycle has now gone on for over sixty years. I realize that in many parts of the world the
population is overcrowded and the indigenous people are not able to feed themselves.

Teaching them about family planning is important. But, No One should be chemically sterilized against their will or without their knowledge. I would hope the Globalists are not trying to force a “Nazi” Germany on us.
My father was born in 1901. I once asked him, “Why did the Roman Empire fall?” He chuckled and
simply stated: “They stopped raising little Romans.” In our America, we have stopped raising little
Our glandular system or endocrine system consists of several glands. They include the thyroid,
pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenals, and the pineal gland. Please go to Wikipedia to discover what each does in our bodies.
Now, I am going to discuss a few endocrine disruptor’s and their effect. Fluoride, bromide, iodine, and chlorine are all halogens. The fluoride is in our tooth paste, bromide is in baked goods, chlorine is in our water.

Iodine is used by the thyroid. When these other halogens are consumed, the thyroid thinks they
are iodine and absorbs them. This is bad.

In the past, I have written exhaustively about this topic.
Heavy metals, including barium, aluminum, and lead are also endocrine disruptor’s. As I have
discussed in earlier emails, I discovered both barium and aluminum in the air we breathe via testing of
my rain water. If you would like a copy of the tests, I will send them to you.

If it is in the air, we basically aspirate these heavy metals into our lungs. The lungs are a potent delivery system. That’s why inhalers work so well. I don’t know how the aluminum is getting into the air, but it is probably through geo engineering…also known as Chemtrails.

But, in reality, I have no idea. I quite often…more often than not…see planes spraying over our house. The trails behind the planes do not dissipate like normal contrails. But, I am unable to take a direct sample from the planes. So, again, it’s in the air, and I can only speculate the source of it.
Even the municipally treated water and the well water is full of estrogen and pesticides. This onslaught just never seems to end. This is why I strongly suggest and personally use the Ultimate Estrogen Blocker and using a distiller for drinking water and a shower filter to clean the chemicals out of the shower water. You can also take Dimension: Estrogen control if you are having issue with etrogen blood levels staying elevated.

Years ago one study from the University of Pittsburgh showed one hot fifteen minute shower was the equivalent of drinking eight glasses of contaminated water. Remember, the lungs absorb the contaminated steam from the water.
Another culprit is high fructose corn syrup. Atrizine, the weed killer, is liberally used on corn. This
potent estrogen compound then contaminates the corn and the high fructose corn syrup. The run-off of
this product, combined with Round Up, are two of the most polluting herbicides on the planet.
All of these estrogens are causing an ever-increasing andropause in men. This is when men go into
male menopause from a lack of testosterone. Andropause was non-existent fifty years ago. This can
easily cause depression in men, and it also decreases their libido. This lack of motivation can become
systemic throughout their lives.

Many men resort to testosterone replacement therapy. My testosterone is normal. When I was forty, it was still that of an eighteen year old. I do not willingly expose myself to estrogens and I take the Ultimate estrogen blocker everyday. Remember estrogen and testosterone are antagonists.

When these men are sufficiently depressed, they are given Prosac and Viagra…What a combination! No one bothers to tell them that the Viagra can make you go blind and deaf. Men resort to taking all this, and potentially become blind, deaf, impotent, and depressed!


Leave it to the petro chemical industry to deal a person a full house…what a mess!

Another note about Viagra: It contains phylates…more estrogen.
The Rockefeller petrochemical industry is literally waging a chemical castration war on the men of our
nation. Not to mention the massive increase of breast, ovarian, and infertility problems in


Even the use of bleached Tampons are affecting women as they contain xenoestrogens, and can change a female’s hormonal profile…..and, let us not forget about GMO foods, which cause sterility by the fourth generation.


So, what are some solutions to all this?
1. Get a distiller.
2. Do not microwave with plastics, and better yet…do not use the microwave.
3. Do not use petroleum soaps, like Dawn
4. Never use Soy or Soy formula
5. Take an estrogen blocker…this is critical..I do so everyday.
6. Do not drink out of plastics
7  Do Not use Viagra, but use HGH Stimulate, Vitamin E, Tribulus and Zinc instead.
8. Do not get immunizations
9. Do not use birth control pills
10. Do not use bleached Tampons
11. Do not use bakery products containing bromide.
12. Take an Iodine supplement daily, this helps to maintain proper thyroid function.
13. Avoid prescription drugs as much as possible, especially Statin drugs. They all can cause cancer and they can destroy brain function. Read my new book Breakthough Health: it covers the top ten drugs never to use and why.
14. Avoid Herbicides and pesticides
15. Avoid meat and dairy with hormones especially butter and eggs
16. Do not drink fluoride or chlorine in your water or toothpaste

17. Don’t use cans with a BPA liner.