Comments from Readers about the President Elect Cabinet and choice of people to help him govern


Belmont MA 21 minutes ago

The Senate will confirm Senator Sessions, as he’s received the endorsements of even moderate Republicans, including Olympia Snowe and Jeff Flake.

However, as the distinguished historian of American racism in the twentieth century. Thomas Sugrue, shows, Sessions actions as Attorney-General of Alabama were appalling: fighting a war of attrition against judicial attempts to make the funding of schools more equitable.

As U.S. Attorney-General, Sessions is likely to lead Trump’s efforts to ramp up the deportation of non-citizens, tearing families apart.

As many have said, “elections have consequences.” We’ll have to wait until 2024, when white Christian America become a minority in the country, and a coalition of blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and atheists will elect a government that is inclusive, fair to minorities and newcomers, cosmopolitan and tolerant, and open to the rest of the world.

Juanita K.

NY 21 minutes ago

So explain to me how NYC has the most segregated schools around and you are not demanding change? How D2 keeps its high school for its own, doesn’t share with most of Manhattan (for those not from NYC, D2 is the Upper East Side, Tribeca and the Financial District). Kids who live a few blocks away, in Harlem, cannot attend D2’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Most high schools in the city are open to all (some subject to test, some to audition, but it doesn’t matter where the kid lives), but the area with the least minorities keeps minorities out of their schools. The NY Times OP-Ed page is controlled by hypocrites. Demand integration of NYC schools.


nyc 22 minutes ago

The man who brought down the KKK in Alabama, winning a murder case against one of its leaders that lead to his execution, was Jeff Sessions. That same win drove the civil suits against the Klan winning a $7 million judgement, breaking the Klan in Alabama. Did the State of Alabama, via it AG, defends itself against a Federal Lawsuit, yes it did. The most segregated school district in the USA today is The City of New York. NYC’s mayor obstructs and works against charter schools for Black and Hispanic students today.


is a trusted commenter UWS 57 minutes ago

To the victors go the spoils. However, the A.G. has to be confirmed by the Senate. I await the judgment of the senators of what used to be called the Part of Lincoln,. They have a small majority so the question is how many will break with the party? Could there possibly be some profiles in courage?
I wonder if the president-elect even bothered to consult with the Republican leadership before he announced his choice. Given his temperament and lack of knowledge of governance, does he even realize that he needs a majority of senators to approve his choice?


Southbury, CT 06488 5 minutes ago

If Trump installs a Muslim registry then everyone, irrespective of their actual religion or faith, should sign up. The would teach a Trump administration the stupidity of this scheme.


Worcester 5 minutes ago

Like Donald Trump, Senator Sessions can do no wrong in the eyes of his constituents, and he probably will get confirmed by the Senate. If Trump has four years with a Republican Congress, he will easily undo 72 years of progress in the areas of civil rights, climate change and pollution of our air, water and soil. As difficult a task as it may seem now, we should be working on defeating enough Republican congressmen and/or senators so at least one or both houses of Congress get a Democratic majority. Giving him and the Republicans two years instead of four seems half as bad to me and the best chance for this country to move forward, not backward.


Gothenburg 5 minutes ago

Can someone in America tell me what good decisions and nominations Mr Trump has done lately? I know he followers blame every negative report on the MSM being liberally biased but this guy seemed to have nominated essentially every bad apple he can find when it comes to the legal branch, the global security detail and environmental protection while scrapping the trade deal, make the Western allies more insecure, and hinting at reinstating torture as a military interrogation tool. Well done Mr President-elect – this must be a record! If you really want to destroy everything that works and poisoning international relations – this is the way to do it. I can’t shake off the notion that Russian interest must be involved somehow or the other – for the benefit for the U.S. is very hard to see while it certainly will elevate the influence of Russia and China.


New York, NY 5 minutes ago

Likely this history and the case described by Mr. Sugrue will help Sessions sail through his confirmation. Racism under the guise of small government and states’ rights–isn’t that a description of the modern Republican?

Vanessa Hall

is a trusted commenter Millersburg, MO 6 minutes ago

Didn’t Trump state that he loves the uneducated? They are so much easier to con.