Comment from a reader of Washington Post:

By Takenitez

Intelligence is linked to race. It is a fact, so get over it. It is scientifically proven, and much research has been done. A famous study in South Africa proved that mixed-race kids are smarter, on average, the whiter they are. This is called reality, and reality has become taboo in America. The smartest racial group on Earth, on average, is East Asians.

Any solution to the ugly problem of social integration in the US needs to be based upon reality. Otherwise, it is all going to fail. By the way, thank you President Obama for improving your golf game and doing absolutely nothing to help solve the heinous problems of minority youth in the United States. Disgusting.

After teaching at a university for several years, I came to China to teach young people. Saturday morning at 7:30 the kids are studying hard, and that will last all day. Weekends and evenings, they are burning the midnight oil: math, Chinese, English, and science. Grandmas and grandpas often come to school to talk about their grandchild’s homework because they are so concerned–they want their grandchild to get into a good university. The kids I am speaking of here are in the second grade.

About a week ago some of my fellow teachers were laughing at an American college freshman’s math test. It had been posted online. They said that a second-grader in China could do much better. They asked me how it was possible. I did not pull any punches. I said that a lot of kids in America don’t even learn to speak English well, much less do math, especially minority children, and very few care enough to do anything about it. Aptitude is not everything.

It is time to stop using whites as scapegoats. In America, if one wants to work hard, then anything is possible, especially for minorities.

I enjoy watching the Washington Post push its tripe and continue its war on reality. If Americans are going to fix the country before it collapses, then we need to start with truth.

Connie’s comments:

When I was a pharmacy technician instructor at Bryman College and SV College, I noticed that my American high school graduates students have difficulty in Math.

My american-born son (50% Italian, 50% Filipino) at times shows laziness and he tells me that he procrastinate when it comes to doing his homework. I said it is because he lacks the goals and motivation to reach higher ambitions in life. Maybe, you should see the poverty and public classrooms in the Philippines and your perspective about life would change, this I told him.