Motherhealth needs caregivers (2) for a Parkinson client in the bay area. He has a walker and wheel chair and needs a caregiver for 6hrs a day from Monday to Friday near the Cambrian and Campbell area of San Jose. Interview tonight and work starts on Wednesday from 10am to 4pm. Pays between $15 and up.

Tasks: Grooming, feeding, cooking, exercise, medication reminder, companion and light housekeeping

Contact Connie or by text 408-854-1883

College students who want to work part time to have free housing can be trained as caregiver for seniors

There is no need to be a Certified Nurse Assistant to be a caregiver. The following are ways to learn as caregiver:

  • Volunteer in a nursing or care home and observe and learn from caregivers and nursing assistants.
  • Take care of your grandparents/parents and observe their routine.
  • Take a First Aid class and have a TB test in your local health community center. There is one at Lenzen San Jose.
  • Go to Youtube and learn the proper way of lifting or moving a patient from bed to wheel chair and moving objects with proper back support. Do bend your knees to protect your back.
  • Learn how to observe proper hygiene, use of gloves and know body signs to prevent emergencies.
  • Learn how to cook, prepare a sandwich, change a diaper and shower a senior with proper safety measures to avoid falls.
  • And more.


As a spouse or a family member of an Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, you know what you need in a caregiver since you know more about the routine of your patient. You have been caring for your family member with chronic health issues for many years and now you need a caregiver to help you. In the bay area, the price for caregiving varies depending on level of care. It ranges from $15 per hr to $30 per hr. You can tag team with the caregiver if you are working during the day. Know that most emergencies happen early morning and at night.

Senior safe your house, posts can be added near the bed, in the bathroom and hallways.

Some meds can cause falls. Potassium levels can be affected with meds and it gives energy for the person. Know that most whole foods and nutrients can help with mental health.

A caregiver can help prevent emergencies and help you (spouse) to not get sick. Caring for our love ones takes a toll in our health and finances. Prepare early.

Email for genetic tests to identify future chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons , diabetes and more.