After determining the happiest mid-sized cities earlier this year, the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided the time was right to rank the 10 happiest suburbs in the nation—places that can be measured in smiles just as easily as miles. Once our happy task was complete, we concluded that these are the most content ‘burbs in the country:

1. Dublin, OH
2. Fishers, IN
3. Germantown, TN
4. Carmel, IN
5. Newton, MA (tie)
5. Apex, NC (tie)
7. Cupertino, CA (tie)
7. Westerville, OH (tie)
9. Papillion, NE
10. Cary, NC


Connie’s comments: We have to be diverse to find more opportunities for growth as we all work hard to make America happy and rich. And less government officials who are selfish and not working for the good of its citizens.