Starting December of 2016, Motherhealth shall send students to college for every health data that you donate to us.

Donate your genetic data, lab data, survey health data, health data points, including treatment reports and symptom reports via email at . Soon donated health data can be automated at site.

Our first service, electronic appointment scheduling for doctors and for all shall be available soon and followed by ordering genetic and lab tests. Two genetic tests are coming soon: one to predict cancer in the future and one to measure your molecular age.

We will follow HIPPA and GINA compliance to protect your privacy.

Genetic tests available from our lab partners are Whole DNA sequence ( $1500) and Exome Genome Sequence test ( $500).  You have to find a genetic counselor to interpret the results for you. Motherhealth shall provide free health coaching in area of lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and health education.

We wanted to create actionable health points from your donated health data.  In return, we will send many deserving students to college. Thru education, we will transform the world we live in with tolerance, compassion and love.

We are looking for doctors and other health care providers to partner with us in our goal of reducing chronic care costs.

Happy Holidays!