Many tumors in young children might be influenced by the environment in utero and months before conception.

Some drugs or medications linger in a woman’s body months before conception. During the first trimester, a miscarriage is possible when the embryo or fetus is not completely formed (nervous system and major organs).

A study related the older age of a man who is alcoholic and young age (of mother with borderline diabetes) to the chance of having a baby with bipolar disorder.

Older women tend to have higher IQ babies. But I believe that nurture during and after the birth of the baby helps in ensuring healthy and growing cells.  I massaged my babies during the first year of their lives before each bath.

In cases of SID, blue babies or newborn who have difficulty breathing during labor and after birth or did not breath at all, they are greatly influenced by the environment (healthy mother with no environmental toxins) during pregnancy.

One mile walk a day (mother) can prevent a long labor and provide oxygenation to the growing baby. During labor, be in seated (sideways) or upright, incorporate deep belly breaths in between contractions and have a helper pressed your ankle to facilitate labor.

Any drugs, legal, OTC, prescribed, alcohol, toxic foods, pools with fungus,molds, parasites or bacteria, cat poops and other toxins can affect the growing fetus.

Pregnant mother’s diet

  • Fresh whole foods, avoiding crustaceans since they are bottom feeders and tend to soak up more toxins
  • Avoid too much consumption of sugar, alcohol and salt in the absence of fiber-rich veggies
  • Avoid medications, drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • Get some nature walks, sunshine
  • Cooked green veggies every day if possible
  • During the first trimester, eat more greens and proteins and more healthy carbs during the last trimester
  • Eat iron rich food during the last trimester such as greens, mollases, dark chocolates, raisins, liver and meat (Liquid Fluradix supplement from whole foods or chelated iron can be used if needed based on blood tests)
  • Lemon and vinegar helps in the absorption of nutrients from whole foods
  • Take probiotics or prepare a homemade pickled veggies
  • Make your own fresh squeezed veggies juice if possible
  • Wash fresh produce with salt water and/or diluted vinegar