Lecithin is one of nature’s miracle foods. It’s found naturally in foods like egg yolks and organ meats, which most people don’t often eat. That’s why taking lecithin is an inexpensive way to add its incredible powers to your supplement program.*

Fight memory loss
Has your memory started to fail you? An component in lecithin, called choline, may be just what you need. Your body uses choline to produce acetylcholine, a substance involved in learning, memory, muscle function, sleep, arousal, hormone secretion and circulation.  It allows nerve cells to send impulses properly. Recent research has shown that two tablespoons of lecithin daily helps mild memory problems associated with aging.*

Heart health and more  
Also abundant in lecithin is inositol, a B-vitamin-like substance. Your body uses inositol to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within the normal range, grow healthy hair and skin, and help break down body fat. By adding lecithin to your diet, you’ll provide some of the raw materials your cardiovascular system needs to stay in top shape.

Choline food sources

Eggs, liver, and peanuts, are especially rich in choline (27). Major contributors to choline in the American diet are meat, poultry, fish, dairy foods, pasta, rice, and egg-based dishes . Spinach, beets, wheat, and shellfish are also good sources of the choline metabolite, betaine .