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Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging
Alcohol, virus, sugar and fats lead to fatty liver
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Shingles Natural Treatments
Slimy veggies, saluyot and okra fight cancer
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
Longevity Genes
Boron in Almonds and avocados for your bones
Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet to reduce tumor size
Aging, Telomeres, Vit C, E and Betacarotene
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Aging, Telomeres, Vit C, E and Betacarotene
Mobilizing Mitochondria May Be Key to Regenerating Damaged Neurons: Mouse Study
Soy lecithin granules for heart and brain
Genetics of infertility, zinc, pituitary gland and Endocrine disruptors
Fatigue and Red (bloodshot) eyes from WebMD
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Key Mechanism of Cancer, Aging and Inflammation Uncovered
Whole foods prevent inflammation
Genetics of infertility, zinc, pituitary gland and Endocrine disruptors
Reversing Disease Through Nutritional Medicine by Dr. Joel Furhman
OCD Population Has Higher Rate of Genetic Mutations: Pilot Study
Fatty acids – Omega 3 as energy sources such as kidney, heart, cerebellum, intestine, and skeletal muscle and nuclear receptor ESRRA
Resveratrol has been claimed to be an activator of Sirtuin 1, calorie restriction and longevity gene
A diet to treat ageing
Sirtuin regulation of metabolism and stem cells
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods
Gout, Dementia, Chelation Therapy
Boron fights radiation by Dr Mercola
Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
Share this site and fund it to find cancer cure
Colorectal cancer, depression and genes
Insulin resistance and sugar
Esther, an art teacher at Lord of the Light studio in San Jose
How LSD Affects Language
Rowing, one of the best exercise machine in the gym, for young and seniors
TP53 gene affects tumor suppression
Fish and meat for cell growth
Top posts of the week
Top posts of the week
Longevity and Aging in humans
Genetics of infertility, zinc, pituitary gland and Endocrine disruptors
Toxic chromium-6 in water affecting 200 million americans
Breast Cancer Assessment Tool
Health Care Watch Board
Monitor your blood tests to find actionable health points and slow aging
Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab
Tryptophan – Niacin – NAD = Anti-aging
More statistics on women’s health
STDs and Virus in California
More nitrate-reducing bacteria in saliva causes Migraine
Gentrified San Jose and SF , California
Tumor molecular profiling for lung cancer
Telehealth Guide and Checklist
Dr. James Michelsen of VA San Diego tests the strength of a patient during a routine visit
Hypocretin, Insomia or  Sleep Disturbances, Narcolepsy, Depression and Parkinson’s
Some muscular dystrophy patients at increased risk for cancer
The world is becoming more interconnected, education is key to economic freedom
To spread, nervous system viruses – herpes – sabotage cell, hijack transportation
Thinking Skills and Health Linked to Same Genes
What’s a good analogy to explain the immune system?
Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Pesticides linked to ADHD and attention problems in children
Music enhances learning through neuroplasticity
Russian federation health spending and health metrics
REST is lost in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease
SCRIB and DISC1 genes and mental disorders, schizophrenia
Is there a good natural alternative to Ranitidine?
Tumor genes
Ovarian Cancer genes
Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Longevity genes
Esther, an art teacher at Lord of the Light studio in San Jose
Omega-3 fatty acids for Parkinson’s Disease
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
Turning the Internet of things into the Internet of ‘cha-ching’
Telomeres, telomerase,cancer,aging and exercise
Misdiagnosed thyroid cancers by Dr Mercola
Links – Senior Care in the USA
Cough remedies from Dr Mercola
Oldest Men and Women in the world
Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease
40min lecture on personal finance at Mission Valley College
TP53 gene affects tumor suppression
Mullein herb for lung and breast health – COPD signs, symptoms and diagnosis
Medicinal plants and uses
GLUTATHIONE, the mother of all anti-oxidants by Mark Hyman M.D
Alzheimer’s disease prevention with Vit D, Vit C and low histamine foods or raw/whole foods
Dark purple berries or Black currant juice and eggs for upping up sex drive
Disease condition and odor symptom
Parasites and their effects on your immune system
Frequency of the human body, whole foods, canned foods
Chlorine rich foods are cleansing (avocado, coconut, onions, parsnips)
Reducing belly fat
Iodine prevents cancer growth; up avocado and reduce caffeine intake to prevent Thyroid cancer
ALOE FEROX plant extract (a laxative agent in South Africa) increased intestinal secretion and motility in constipated rats
Is it bad to take a tums everyday?
Environmental Magnetite in the Human Brain
Folate – Vit B9 deficiency or MTHFR gene mutation


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