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  • Japanese are almost at 9. Not bad!
  • Germans are at 6. So-so.
  • Americans are, ahem, at 4.

Benefit of Omega 3

  • Omega-3s are important for heart, brain, and joint health.
  • Most Americans have low levels of omega-3s in their blood.
  • Low levels of omega-3s are related to increased risk for fatal heart attack, depression, and possibly dementia.
  • Blood levels of omega-3s can be improved by simple dietary changes.
  • The only way to know your blood level of omega-3s is by measuring it, with the Omega-3 Index.

Email to be tested for Omega 3 in one drop of your blood (test costs $55 to $100 per test).

Know your fats


Trans Fat, the bad fat

  • Trans fats in your blood come from trans fats in food.
  • Most Americans have high levels of trans fats in their blood.
  • High levels of trans fats are related to increased risk for heart disease.
  • Blood levels of trans fats can be reduced by simple dietary changes.