My answer to How do I have a balanced diet?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

What is a balanced diet? Sugar free, contains whole foods, not processed, combo of cooked and raw, no trans fat, no hormones in eggs/milk/meat,not moldy,no canned foods if possible,not salty,more good fats, healthy carbs and excellent source of essential amino acids (protein).

Our problem is how to execute this goal of eating a balanced diet.

Before I ingest all these nutrients, I will take probiotics, digestive enzymes, avoid unnecessary drugs/meds and add lemon in my water to detox.

Try gardening,going to farmer’s market and preparing your whole foods meal for the week every Sunday (stored in portioned bags in the freezer or a cooked batch of soup). Wash your produce/veggies with water with salt or vinegar.

If you are busy during the work week, eat all the healthy meals on Sat and Sundays. Always have a soup and a salad with your meal.

Learn all kinds of healthy cooking from healthy places and people.

Most of your healthy meal should be eaten during the day to allow for digestion and metabolism. Sleep before 10am and have clean water and clean air. Add 30-min exercise each day, stretching and deep breathing to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Buy a blender, juicer or food processor to help you mix your whole foods and to prepare a smoothie, green juice or veggie soup.

Remember these for longevity: low calorie diet, resveratrol in colorful berries, good fat walnut/avocado , omega 3 in fish and nuts/small seeds and a happy disposition.

How do I have a balanced diet?