My answer to How do you treat Lewy body disease?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Doctors give you some pills and another one for anti-anxiety.

Create a nurturing, stress free environment with sufficient sleep. Ensure a comfortable room temperature, avoidance of sugar and add probiotics, potassium, magnesium/calcium and Vit B complex in supplementation. Review all the meds, get doctor to check dosage and remove unnecessary meds.

Lots of nature walks with sunshine, digestive enzymes , whole foods (served 3 times per day), acupuncture, massage, music and activities to distract her from current health issues. Try a low cal ketogenic diet and include a plant-based foods.

I have one client in the past with Lewy body and Parkinson. She got addicted to Tramadol and was living in a stressful environment with her daughter in law. She thrived in a nutritional drink I gave her with potassium. I take her for nature walks and stimulate her with early morning ROM exercise, this routine I shared with her caregivers. Each day is different. It is like the brain is switching on and off, getting crazy and calm.

How do you treat Lewy body disease?