Acosta, good man. CNN is my news source from now on. Stand up to the orange clown. Bring this idiot down.
The rhetoric of the Wacko trump’s supporters can be summarized in a few words:
Trump supporters = Anna Chapman.
Anna Chapman was a U.S Citizen who was born in the Continental U.S (like trump and his supporters), attended U.S. schools (like trump and his supporters), and acted like a normal American, but in reality, she was a Russian spy all along (just like trump and his supporters).
1:46 PM PST
Why would a Russian spy, wanting to keep it secret, publicly praise Putin? Your theory makes no sense. It would be libel if it weren’t so funny.
2:45 PM PST [Edited]
Ah, but that’s what they want you to think! Who would expect a Russian spy to be openly in favour of their motherland? Why, next they’ll be claiming that they are, indeed, a spy! ūüėõ
(…mostly tongue-in-cheek there. Claiming Trump is a spy is giving him and his abilities far too much credit. :/ )
Bravo Mr. Acosta! You set the example for the kind of reporting style needed. Who else will publicly challenge a wannabe-dictator but the free press? Trump showed the world his true character faults due to you. Media: Bring Trump Down before he destroys our our nation. A very evil man was on display today.
Third graders make more sense than Trump does. The press conference (AKA I’m the greatest living human being) was an incoherent mess. Trump claiming he can create “more jobs than God” seals the deal. He is certifiable.
Trump is a disgrace. Who put out fake information over and over again about Obama’s birth certificate?
Donald J Chump
11:00 AM PST
Hey Donnie, we’ve found Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.¬† Wanna copy?
Dr Doolittle
¬†Trump has the lowest approval rating of any new incoming president and it’s dropping by the second. Intentionally hiding his tax returns and business dealings isn’t going to make the issue go away. Nice try little orange man. He has been proven to be a HUGE liar just like most republicans. I’m sure we’ll receive our refund checks soon after Mexico sends us the money they owe us for the wall. ROFL
12:13 PM PST
According to the poll Malonias approval rating was lower then his at 29%.
It’s fake news when it’s about him, and God’s honest truth when it’s about anyone else. *sigh* we gotta deal with this idiot for the next four years. Hopefully, he’ll be impeached.
 Cathy Donelson
¬†Interesting. A press conference where the press isn’t allowed to ask questions.
 Dr Doolittle
11:48 AM PST
 total lie from the Russian hack
Dr Doolittle
12:00 PM PST
You have been proven to lie about everything you post. You are the king of fake news. You seem to love Russia so why don’t you move back there and see how you like their freedom of the press. You are a total hypocrite and loser.
Anyone here complaining about the freedom of the press perhaps you should go live in Russia.
Stephan Banev
11:42 AM PST
¬†Whatever, bye bye bubye… just do not bite, barking is fine….
10:55 AM PST
 Personally I think they could get rid of someone the people who appear on their show all the time, like Maryanne Conway.
An OG Ranger 874
11:24 AM PST
 as opposed to Faux News w/ the Alt Neo-Cons?
Deeply concerned
12:08 PM PST
Very true, bias opinion, equivalent to Fox News, slowly moving into Breitbart territory.
Ingrid Statter
12:36 PM PST
Kremlin-based Objective Reader? Or my mistake, there is this whole disinformation institute in St. Petersburg.
At least Nixon just stole documents, but was not a Tax Crook or a Russian Spy