With OBAMACARE in jeopardy or being repealed by the Republican party, we must ensure that we will not get sick or have a medical emergency that will cost us the sale of our two homes or all of our accumulated wealth we worked hard for.

It is true that younger generation will have less medical emergencies or health issues but not for those close to 50 yrs of age, even when they lived a healthy life, we are all confronted with aging, our body getting rusty and slow to achieve optimum health.

Our organs are slowing down and we can feel the aches and pains.

We have to work until we are 75 yrs of age to be ready to pay for our medical insurance, this is not true in Canada or Australia though.

We need to sleep before 10pm, eat whole foods and avoid dirty water/air and processed foods/sugar/smoking/alcohol, exercise 30min a day and have a happy disposition (not easily stressed out).

Email motherhealth@gmail.com your stories on keeping healthy at 50 yrs of age.